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XRHealth To Provide VR Therapy to Veterans in St. Louis

XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, is partnering with the VA St. Louis Healthcare System to provide VR therapy designed to provide pain relief, rehabilitation and relaxation for various medical conditions to veterans in the area.

Many of the patients using the XRHealth platform have spinal cord injuries, amputations, poly-trauma, multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions and have found relief through the innovative system.

"I loved watching the 360 video of the National Veterans Winter Sports Clinic that our Recreation Therapist put together,” said Jim S., 62-year old SCI Veteran, who is one-year post outpatient. “I had the chance to ski down a hill, snowmobile, rock climb, cross country ski and even sled hockey. I didn't realize you could do so much being paralyzed. I can't wait to get on the slopes next year."

"VR and AR therapy has provided so much relief to patients globally," said Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. "As a former air force pilot, I am so grateful to be able to use our healthcare solution to improve the lives of military families. After using our platform, patients have recorded a drastic improvement in quality of life, comfort, and overall wellness."

XRHealth's flagship product, the VRHealth Platform, is offered to healthcare facilities and provides them with VR medical apps, including cognitive assessment and training apps, motor function apps, pain management apps and behavioral apps. The VRHealth and ARHealth platforms are particularly useful for medical professionals since they can analyze patient data in real-time to track their recovery both on site and remotely.

"We are excited to provide a new service of Virtual Reality to our Veterans on the spinal cord injury (SCI) unit. Over the past few months we have introduced XRHealth and VR to over 20 Veterans within our service line (inpatient and outpatient)," said Charley Wright MS, CTRS, ATP, project lead for VR/XR services for SCI. "XRHealth's vision to provide therapeutic modalities in the form of VR for our disabled Veteran population has helped us serve our Veterans in a new, exciting and innovative way."

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