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VR World Opens Flagship NY Location

VR World opened a new flagship location in the heart of Manhattan. The three-floor, 12,000 square-foot hotspot in Midtown Manhattan at 8 E 34th Street will offer dozens of immersive art, music, film and gaming mixed reality experiences, all under one roof.

VR World aims to create the social entertainment experience of the future – a place where visitors are transported to another realm and socialize with friends and coworkers through specialty cocktails, interactive media installations and mixed reality fun. The venue showcases a wide range of experiences that transcend typical entertainment outings. VR World's visitors can team up to escape from Egyptian pyramid, survive the zombie apocalypse, explore the Orion Nebula, challenge friends on the racetrack or create a digital masterpiece.

"Whether an art fan, a compassionate film goer, a gamer or just someone looking to have a good time, VR World sets you on a rollercoaster of emotions melding seemingly incompatible genres and subjects into one never-ending adventure," said Leo Tsimmer, CEO of VR World, "We are building the future of entertainment, humanizing technology in ways that bring us closer together in real time and space."

Designed by Mark Foster Gage of MFGA Architects, the space features a 30-foot tall futuristic, abstract sculpture whose giant projection – created by design studio The Endless Co. – transforms the venue's center staircase into an ever-changing object of fractal landscapes, iridescent deep-sea fauna and melting ice blocks. This sculpture, named Hypercube, comes with sophisticated software allowing digital artists to showcase their creations.

Beyond games and art, the space will feature a custom sinuous bar and lounge serving as a nightlife destination for the 21+ crowd in search of new experiences augmented by cutting edge tech and craft cocktails. Also included will be regular nightlife programming, DJ sets and club events. The main and basement club levels will be lined with popular VR content and experiences, along with a full bar, while a mezzanine offers lounge seating for more intimate socializing over mixed reality film, art and interactive installations.

The location is designed as a template for expansion to other major urban markets over the next year. The facility will also host educational programs for students, industry panels, creative meetups and cultural events that bring together some of the most exciting voices across the NY arts, tech and entertainment communities.

For more information, visit vrworldnyc.com.

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