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Toyoda Division Develops e-Rubber for Haptic Devices

Toyoda Gosei will demonstrate a novel new material called e-Rubber at CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10. e-Rubber is a next-generation rubber that moves with electricity. It can be used in haptic devices to provide a more realistic VR or AR experience by adding the sense of touch to 3D images.

The material can function both as a soft, flexible and sensitive sensor and as an actuator capable of gentle, human-like movements. Taking advantage of the strengths of e-Rubber as both an actuator and a sensor, e-Rubber devices can simulate the tactile sensations felt when a person touches an object.

The company is focusing efforts on the development of e-Rubber and other innovative new technologies, taking advantage of the knowledge in rubber, plastics and other fields it has cultivated through development and production of automotive parts and LEDs.

CES visitors can experience the life-like tactile sensations of e-Rubber, such as the softness of objects drawn with computer graphics, at The Sands Convention Center, Halls A-D, Booth# 45534.

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