Our goal is to build an online community of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality enthusiasts to share some of the coolest virtual experiences you can find on the web.

VR Sherpa

VR Sherpa offers 24 channels of curated stereoscopic 3D and 360-degree video content giving you the lean-back, passive experience of TV. If you don’t have a visor, you can get the mobile experience by panning around with your cell phone or tablet, or you can click and drag on the video on your desktop or laptop to look around. Remember to blow it up to full screen in order to get the full effect!

VR News

We also offer daily news headlines from around the world as well as feature articles and columns, covering VR, AR and MR, along with some stories that might be a bit off topic, but are Just Plain Cool. Feel free to send press releases, pitches or other marketing materials to news@vrnation.tv.

VR Live

VR Live gives you a calendar of upcoming VR events. It’s all based on Google Calendars, so you can easily add an event to your own calendar and set a reminder for yourself. An iCal version is coming soon. Contact us if you'd like to add an event to the calendar.


Our Community section lets you create your own personal profile, communicate with other members, join our forums, submit your own VR videos and 360-degree stills, enter contests, comment on posts or sign up for our newsletters.

We’re also looking for members to share their own “VR Mixtapes.” Let’s see what you’ve got!

In addition, members can contribute to VR Hotspots - a showcase of breathtaking Street View panoramas from around the world.

If you’re looking for help with technical issues, post a question on the forums. If you're having a problem, there are probably 1,000 other people with the exact same problem.


The Flatlanders section includes reviews, gameplay videos, how-to videos and unboxing videos from around the web. Basically, this is an area where we can showcase 2D videos about the VR world.

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You can contact us via our About page. We want to hear your comments, suggestions and even complaints.

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Legal Stuff

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Welcome to VR Nation! Enjoy your stay.

Scott Lehane