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Taurus VR Now Available on Early Access

Nusakan Studio and Perp Games announced that “Taurus VR” is now available on Steam Early Access for $11.99. The final release of “Taurus VR” is expected Summer 2020 on the Steam and Oculus Stores and will be compatible with all major PC headsets.

“Taurus VR” is a retro arcade-style space shooting action game reimagined for virtual reality with its emphasis on 6-degree body movement that really gets your adrenaline pumping.

“Taurus VR” pits you against an ever-present alien threat, requiring the player to use full-body movement to steer the ship and arm gestures to control the attack and defensive mechanisms.

A demo is now available to try the game for yourself, controlling the LUV-5 spaceship to try to reach the highest score possible to top the leaderboards as you face endless waves of enemies.

Early Access players will receive a Pioneer’s Badge and be able to unlock the Alien Spaceship by beating the game before the next update. The game also comes complete with Steam Achievements.

The Top 100 scorers by Feb. 14, will be entered into a raffle for a chance to name the upcoming fifth world in “Taurus VR.”

Nusakan Studio has an extensive content roadmap laid out, leading up to the game’s full launch in the summer of 2020.

Beginning with the release in January, there will be four worlds, five spaceships and a leaderboard in the game.

Each spaceship has unique properties, with some better suited to certain encounters than others.

The roadmap will be split into four tiers with the final release expected to have five worlds, nine spaceships with additional mods, as well as boss battles, seasonal events and more.

“This VR game is our personal tribute to the forever-awesome, Galaga,” Jaime Núñez, Creative Director at Nusakan Studios. “We’ve put a lot of love into the production of the game. Above all, it’s a fun and motion-sickness free shot of adrenaline. We want to give the player a lot for their money, and hope they help us with their feedback to make this game as awesome as it can be.”

“Taurus VR” is now available on Steam Early Access along with a full demo. “Taurus VR” will leave Early Access and release in full Summer 2020 for all major PC Headsets.

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