The Japanese city of Takashima in Shiga Prefecture has launched a new tourism website featuring 360-degree panoramas of the area’s most popular sightseeing spots.

The city, about a 50-minute train ride from Kyoto, hopes its virtual tourism website will help attract visitors.

Takashima City, located northwest of Lake Biwa, Japan's biggest lake, offers a rich natural environment, and numerous local attractions, including fruit picking, barbecuing, skiing and trekking.

Accessible via smartphones and PCs, the panoramas depicts seven major tourist hotspots in Takashima City, along with detailed information.

Takashima Launches Panoramic Tourism Website

The sites include:

  • The Shirahige-jinja Shrine at the edge of Lake Biwa.
  • Stagex Takashima, a camping resort where visitors can enjoy lodging or barbecuing or a one-day visit to Lake Biwa.
  • Hakodateyama, an Instagram-friendly spot which changes its face from season to season.
  • The Avenue of Metasequoias, with rows of about 500 metasequoia trees over a 2.4-kilometer stretch on both sides of the boulevard.
  • The Cherry Blossoms of Kaizu-Osaki with Some 800 Somei Yoshino cherry trees more than 80 years old along the 4-kilometer stretch along Lake Biwa.
  • The Ohtaniyama, Onyu Pass atop the 80-kilometer Takashima Trail, where visitors can enjoy hiking and watch Lake Biwa and the Sea of Japan from the area near the summit.

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