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Studio Gamebit Plans 2020 Release for “Naau: The Lost Eye”

Independent Turkish developer Studio Gamebit released information about a new VR adventure/FPS/puzzle game that the company has been developing for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive called “Naau: The Lost Eye.”

With a unique artistic style somewhere between stunning realism and fairytale perfection, players will find themselves searching deep in the ruins of ancient temples, exploring cities in the sky, traversing steep and rugged canyons, or dark, subterranean metropolises where the entire world is upside down as they discover a fantastic magical world. Using motion controlled tools as if they are your hands, you will not only be getting close enough to some of the creatures that you meet to see and grab them, but you will also be engaging in combat with various enemies throughout the game using real-life movements.

From the smallest creatures, like some of the unusual bats and bugs you will meet along the way, to the largest ones, like the Woldham Giant Tree, you’ll have plenty of opportunity hone your combat skills. You’ll be unexpectedly meeting lots of new acquaintances whichever path you choose to travel, such as Battle Wizards, Obsidian Golems, a variety of Giant Flowers, Spider Flowers, Poisonous Flowers and Flying Fish.

A variety of advanced weaponry, special abilities and combat techniques are available along the way. You’ll discover how to use your magical powers as you progress through the levels. Attack your enemies or defend yourself by defying gravity, throwing objects found in your surroundings, grabbing your enemies and throwing them into the air when you are in deep trouble, and more. Weapons include fireballs, magical powers, boomerangs, magical stones, flower guns activated by collecting power stones, as well as certain objects, such as sticks, pieces of wooden cases, or the iron shield itself, that can be used for defense.

The game allows players to switch locomotion modes – include teleportation, free locomotion and dash teleportation – in order to avoid motion sickness.

“Naau: The Lost Eye” is scheduled for release in 2020.

For more information, visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/1124600/Naau_The_Lost_Eye/

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