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Straylight Coming to Steam Early Access

Cleveland-based indie game developer Dr. Bloc announced that the award-winning virtual reality (VR) game, “Straylight,” will be available on Steam Early Access, Feb. 3.

“Straylight” is a cutting-edge VR platformer where players are immersed in cosmic, abstract worlds and given the ability to propel themselves and fly in a virtual universe.

"It's really an incredible experience as you actually feel like you're flying through space," said Rob Kovacs, the composer and sound designer of the game. "We've been play-testing it for several months and the responses have been just been off-the-charts positive."

There’s only one goal in “Straylight” – get to the end. But to do this, players will need to master a gravity-defying propulsion mechanic built exclusively for virtual reality and pass the increasingly difficult challenges. You’ll fly, swing, fall and soar through beautiful – and deadly – worlds, engineered to break the mind and spirit. Only the best will successfully traverse these lethal cosmic playgrounds, using solely their wits and reflexes.

Artistically, the game features eye-catching visuals that take inspiration from the glowing digital graphics of the ’80s but powered through technology of today. Accompanying the look of the game is an all-original soundtrack that fuses classic synthwave with driving electronica.

“Straylight” comes packed with 11 unique and increasingly challenging worlds, designed to both teach the player new techniques as well as push them to their limits.

“Straylight” is the first release from indie studio Dr. Bloc, a small team devoted to bringing the joy and challenge of classic games into the future. In its debut showing at the Indie Games Showcase (sponsored by GDEX) at Ohayocon, the game won both the People’s Choice: Digital awards, as well as the Golden Ticket award for best game.

For more information about Straylight, visit www.drbloc.com.

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