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Ski Jumping Pro VR Launches on PSVR and Steam

Kalypso Media and developer Yippee! Entertainment released sports simulation game “Ski Jumping Pro VR” for PlayStation VR and Steam VR this week.

Just in time for the start of the Ski Jumping World Cup, Ski Jumping Pro VR lets you experience the extreme ups and perilous downs of professional ski jumping. The game puts you in the shoes of two-time Olympic ski jumping champion Andreas Wellinger.

Players can start out as a relative unknown in career or quick jump modes and aim to compete at the sport's most prestigious competitions.

“When you’re at the top of the ramp in a big competition, the adrenaline rush hits you and you know that a good jump can put you in contention, but equally, the slightest error could end in disaster. You get the same feeling in 'Ski Jumping Pro VR,'” said Wellinger.

Easy to pick up but hard to master, players have to use their VR controllers to keep their balance and remain aerodynamically streamlined, with subtle refinements in timing and balance, to land a record jump like a pro. Or, they can just watch the drama unfold as they tumble down an icy slope.

The game offers 32 stunning venues, painstakingly recreated from their real-life counterparts, across 19 international locations with differing weather conditions in which players can compete against their rivals.

“I’ve jumped all over the world and with the accuracy of the hills and venues along with the pressure to perform in competition, 'Ski Jumping Pro VR' is second only to the real thing,” Wellinger added.

The game offers deep character customization options, allowing players to upgrade their equipment as they progress, improving their performance and style.

For more information, visit Steam or the PlayStation Store.

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