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Separation Launches on PlayStation VR

Recluse Industries launched its serene VR adventure “Separation” today, available exclusively on PlayStation VR. “Separation” is a unique narrative experience that immerses players the ruins of barren world.

Exploration is intertwined with puzzle-solving elements. Movement is joystick-driven, so players can absorb the haunting sites at their own pace. On foot, boat or balloon, players will discover barren landscapes and lonely statue-like figures that reveal small clues to push them forward in their journey.

The game features bleak but beautifully atmospheric VR visuals along with an ambient electronic soundtrack. Players will explore vast landscapes and colossal ruins, as they search for an imprisoned spirit and uncover a mysterious forgotten path.

“Inspired by the struggles I’ve had with feelings of loss and depression, ‘Separation’ is a journey through a barren landscape of ruin, littered with empty shell-like structures,” explained Martin Wheeler, solo developer for Recluse Industries. “In its symbolism, the game is seeking a path through grief.”

“We're too connected at times - calm, solitary experiences are becoming rarer in our crowded space. We need those moments more than ever and ‘Separation’ might be the virtual retreat needed for urban recluses,” he added.

For more information, visit https://recluseindustries.github.io/website/index.html.

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