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Pixel Reef Reveals Sandbox Mode for VR Game Paper Beast

French studio Pixel Reef revealed the sandbox mode for its upcoming PlayStation VR game “Paper Beast.” An entirely stand-alone game mode, Sandbox allows players to create their own unique, freeform virtual domains, from the fantastical creatures that inhabit it, to the weather and the terrain itself.

The new Sandbox mode approximates a god game experience, as active experimentation with “Paper Beast’s” intriguing ecosystem plays a major role. Players can form and manipulate the environment, influence the weather and experiment with the deep physics engine that powers “Paper Beast.”

Experience the distinct characteristics of “Paper Beast's” wildlife in this brand-new mode, as creature behavior is profoundly dependent on the elements. Special focus is given to immersion and environmental simulation. Players can interact with 11 different hybrid animal species, as well as plants, geological elements and even the sun.

“The Sandbox mode is the place for players' creativity and experimentation,” said Pixel Reef founder Eric Chahi. “Imagine creatures creating dams and diverting water, but what happens if you freeze the water? It's up to you to find out. For our part, we've discovered a lot of emergent behavior while playing. I'm sure the gaming community will surprise us!”

The Paper Beast sandbox mode will coexist with a captivating story in which intrepid player-explorers discover a blossoming virtual world where the environments and quirky animals have independently evolved from lost code and forgotten data. Following an unspoken narrative, players will solve environmental puzzles and interact with fascinating wildlife that adapts its behavior to the player’s actions.

“Paper Beast” is set to launch on PlayStation VR in Q1 of 2020.

For more information, visit https://www.pixelreef.fr/.

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