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Paper Beast Comes to PlayStation VR March 24

Independent studio Pixel Reef announced that it will release its new VR exploration and adventure game “Paper Beast” March 24 for PlayStation VR.

The new game from Eric Chahi, the game designer behind “Another World,” “Heart of Darkness” and “From Dust,” is a dreamlike odyssey where players are invited to discover a wild simulated ecosystem, born from lost Internet data.

In this unexplored artificial world, delicate bonds are formed between fascinating and exotic creatures and the player in order to solve environmental puzzles and unravel the game’s mysteries.

Players will come to understand the mysterious world of “Paper Beast” through experimentation with the environment, and the real-time consequences they create.

Two modes are available for Paper Beast. The adventure mode lets players explore a dreamlike world inhabited by fascinating creatures, while sandbox mode offers an almost-infinite experimentation space.

As the first explorer of this untouched land, players will discover that interaction with creatures is the heart of the gameplay. As they progress, collaboration with life will help players shape the environment to overcome obstacles or resolve environmental puzzles.

The Sandbox mode approximates a god game experience, where experimentation and ecosystem play a major role. The player can sculpt the terrain, play with the weather, and interact with creatures and plants. All consequences are calculated in real-time by the deep physics engine that powers “Paper Beast.”

For more information, visit https://www.pixelreef.fr/.

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