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Panasonic Develops High Dynamic Range VR Visor

Panasonic announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas that it has developed a new High Dynamic Range (HDR), Ultra-High Definition (UHD) VR visor designed to fit more comfortably, like normal eyeglasses.

High Dynamic Range images extend the number of possible colors that can be displayed from the darkest blacks to the brightest whites. For example, a standard 8-bit jpeg image can produce 16 million colors, while a 10-bit HDR image can display a little over a billion different colors. A 12-bit HDR image can display over 16 billion different colors, however that exceeds what the human eye can see.

The glasses were introduced as a technology demo or “reference product,” and there is no indication Panasonic plans to launch a new VR platform. However, the company said that it will continue to develop the new VR glasses so that they can be used in a variety of applications, gearing up for the launch of full-scale commercial 5G services.

5G mobile communications systems are expected to open up a huge amount of bandwidth for new data-intensive services like VR sports viewing and engaging virtual travel experiences.

The Japanese Tech Giant collaborated with Kopin Corp., a leading manufacturer of display devices for VR glasses to develop the device's micro-OLED high-performance display. In addition, Panasonic's audio and visual technologies have been incorporated into this new device, including signal processing technologies cultivated through the development of video equipment such as TVs and Blu-ray Disc players, acoustic technologies of Technics audio products, and optical technologies used in LUMIX digital cameras.

While conventional VR glasses provide users with highly immersive simulated experiences, they tend to be big and require users to strap them to their head with a headband, which could cause wearer discomfort.

Panasonic was able to achieve compact and lightweight design offering that delivers realistic images and sound, drawing the user into the experience, with the comfort of wearing eyeglasses.

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