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NextMind Announces Dev Kit for its Brain-Computer Interface

NextMind announced plans to offer a $399 development kit for its new wearable device that allows users to control anything in their digital world by using just their thoughts. The NextMind device, which is a noninvasive, hands-free brain-computer interface for real-time interaction, also won two CES Innovation Awards – best of innovation in augmented and virtual reality and honoree in wearable technologies.

NextMind is providing demonstrations at CES in Las Vegas this week at LVCC, South Hall 1, Booth No. 21839.

“We are honored to receive such recognition from the Consumer Technology Association for NextMind, and eager to get our Dev Kit out to developers and partners so that they can explore the many amazing ways this powerful real-time brain-computer interface will create new user experiences with the digital world,” said Sid Kouider, founder and CEO of NextMind. “We look forward to giving CES attendees a demo that will blow their minds when they fully realize the power and deep immersive experience that NextMind can provide in gaming, computer control and their personal interaction with the internet of things just by focusing their thoughts. And this is just the beginning for us, as we look forward to the future and further evolving this technology.”

NextMind’s lightweight wearable captures electrical brain signals from the user’s visual cortex, and uses machine learning algorithms to translate that output into direct digital commands for devices in real time. The small, round device fits into the back of a cap or headband and rests gently on the user’s head, or it can be used via AR/VR headset.

Kouider first unveiled the NextMind BCI wearable at the Slush forum in November.

Watch, NextMind founder and CEO of Sid Kouider explain how it works.

NextMind is shipping Early Access Evaluation Kits to selected partners and developers this month. The company will begin shipping the first batch of $399 Dev Kits during the second quarter of 2020. Developers interested in being one of the first to receive a NextMind Dev Kit can sign up for the pre-order waitlist at https://www.next-mind.com/waitlist/.

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