• Larry Woakes posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Why Virtual Summits are Here to Stay

    If there is one thing we can learn from 2020, it is the fact that you can almost learn everything online. Even when people are not allowed to travel, ideas travel. Far. And fast. And to every corner of the world. Thanks to the advent of the internet and the increasing video production Hong Kong quality, people can attend online classes and host online study groups and now, a popular kind of knowledge-sharing events is all the rage around the world. They are the virtual summits. In case you missed it, virtual summits are collaborative, online events where millions of people every year from all walks of life attend online conferences through streaming services and a wide spectrum of online platforms. They usually feature an eclectic assortment of expert interviews which typically focus on one specific area or a niche area of content, such as Financial Services and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).It has never been easier to host conferences for companies, and they are extremely beneficial for businesses. The benefits to hosting a virtual summit are manifold:1. It is a vastly economical solution. Economical, not just in terms of the lack of a cost in booking a physical venue to host thousands of people, but also in terms of time. It just takes less time for you to produce a fixed number of videos than to invite speakers and your customers to travel across the world to attend a three-day conference. 2. It is very lucrative for businesses. With good speakers and industry leaders in your lineup and a good marketing strategy, you can grow your email list exponentially and charge a good amount of money for attendance. Moreover, you can also position yourself and your company as the go-to experts in your field. And most importantly, Post Production Bangkok companies are everywhere and are readily available at your service. This is why Treacle, a post production service provider with animation studios in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Sydney, and businesses across the Asia-Pacific regions, is best-suited for the challenge. With years of experience in hosting virtual summits around the world, like Salesforce, a top American, cloud-based software for CRM services, and SAP, a German multinational enterprise software company, Treacle helps international brands reach their customers online with quality videos. If you want to learn more, you can visit