• Larry Woakes posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    3 Reasons Why Video is the Only Way to Grow Business

    Unless you are still distributing flyers around the block or texting your clients on a flip phone, you know that the future of marketing is video. And the video production Hong Kong is only getting better.

    If you are not marketing your business with videos today, you are lagging behind. Out. Old news. Obsolete. Worst of all, you are… boring. To get ahead in the world of business, video marketing is the most powerful way, if not the ONLY way, to get your point across AND increase your revenue in a matter of a few minutes. Or even seconds! It is all because–

    1. Customers today are impatient. We’ve all heard the phrase “short attention span”. Ask yourself, when have you ever sat through a lengthy infomercial on television? Or read a newsletter? You are now dealing with customers who routinely click on the “Skip Ad” button after 5 measly seconds, that’s why short, impactful videos are key for businesses to capitalize on people’s attention in order to make their brands stand out.

    2. Video is the universal currency. Look at how pop culture rapidly transforms these days because of one video clip. According to a Cisco study, a whopping 80% of the Internet traffic derives from video content. Commodities are now sold like hot cakes in small video packages across borders through the World Wide Web, it is how the world communicates, how businesses sell things and how we get information today.

    3. Good videos are just so shareable. The word-of-mouth marketing business owners so depended on before extends to the virtual space now. Do not overlook the importance of a friend’s reaction on social media platforms, a like and a share from a close friend or testimonials from the new class of celebrities, the influencers, are widely considered trusted channels for product endorsement.

    But you may say that video marketing is just not your thing and you don’t know anything about creating videos. Good news is, there are a lot of Post Production Bangkok companies available at your service but it sure is hard to weed out the good from the, let’s just say, not-so-good.

    That’s why Treacle, an award-winning production house that is home to dozens of beloved animated characters and live-action short films, could be the one that comes to your rescue. With animation studios in Hong Kong, Sydney and Bangkok, it is founded by a group of audiovisual innovators who are dedicated to providing tailored services to global pioneers and helping promising new businesses ride the waves of the new and changing media landscape. If you are looking to break into this exciting territory and build an internationally recognisable brand, you can visit for more information.