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Kluge Interactive Launches VR Rhythm Game Synth Riders

Kluge Interactive’s new VR rhythm game “Synth Riders” is now available on the Oculus Quest and has just left Early Access on PCVR.

Synth Riders is an action rhythm experience that combines dancing and working out with some interesting new VR mechanics to help players become immersed in the music and feel the groove while soaring their arms along the game’s unique rail system. The game features cross-platform leaderboards, various challenge modes, and native support for custom songs and mods.

Since the debut on Early Access last year, the game has been expanded with new songs and features developed based on feedback from its community of fans, modders and song mappers. The game now has an average of 95% positive reviews on Steam.

Alongside all the original content, the Oculus Quest release features plenty of new songs, and several additional improvements.

The full version of Synth Riders features 31 songs in various genres coming from acclaimed artists such as Celldweller, Prizm and Sunset Neon. Along with the official soundtrack, the game comes with a dedicated Beatmap Editor and native support for custom songs, compatible with all versions of the game. It means that the players can simply drag-and-drop their songs and beatmaps to their Quest’s storage.

Users can choose from four different game modes (regular, boxing, endurance and force) at four different difficulty levels.

Synth Riders is available on Oculus Quest priced at $16.99. It has also left Early Access with a launch discount on Steam, Oculus Rift (cross-buy with Quest), and Viveport.

For more information, visit the Oculus Quest Store or the Steam page.

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