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How Oculus Insight Could Lead to AR Glasses (CNet)

CNet’s Scott Stein has an interesting interview with Facebook engineering manager Joel Hesch, who's led development of Oculus Insight, about how the technology will drive future headsets as they move from virtual reality to augmented reality.

Insight is the computer vision and AI-based tracking in the Rift S and Quest headsets, which uses in-headset cameras, motion sensors and infrared LEDs in the controllers to map real spaces into VR and make everything feel smooth and fluid. Facebook's not the only company to use this type of tracking in VR, but it's becoming clear that Facebook also sees this tech as the stepping-stone to AR, too, and will be part of what makes Facebook's long-promised AR glasses tech work.

A Facebook blog post says, "the future for this technology is in all-day wearable AR glasses that are spatially aware…”

For more, visit: https://www.cnet.com/news/how-facebook-ar-glasses-could-become-real-thanks-to-oculus-vr-tech/

The video above, from Silicon Valley Global News, (SVGN) further explains how Oculus Insight works.

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