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HitMotion: Reloaded Launches on Viveport M

Italian game developer New Technology Walkers announced that its first game “HitMotion: Reloaded” has been released on Viveport M. This fitness game offers passthrough mixed reality for the Vive Focus Plus. Video passthrough mixed reality lets players see their surroundings so they can play safely, without the risk punching walls and displays.

NTW’s co-founder Antony “Skarredghost” Vitillo announced the launch during the Vive Ecosystem Conference 2019 in Shenzhen, China as one of the launch titles for the Vive Focus Plus. It was released as a free tech demo in March and has since gone through a complete overhaul.

Vitillo reported that the game was designed for VR from the ground up, with exercises designed to train both the arms and the legs of the player.

Players will see bots all around them and will have to hit them fast and hard to destroy them. The targets will have a color that will determine with which hand they should be hit and an arrow that will indicate if the bot has to be hit with a jab, an uppercut or a hook. The player will have to coordinate strength with control to win the game.

Difficulty increases with every level, and soon just hitting won’t be enough, and the player will also have to dodge the attacks of the enemies. Moving around the room, punching and dodging all the time.

“HitMotion: Reloaded”
“HitMotion: Reloaded”

“We’re proud of having been able to release this game, that to our knowledge is the first mixed reality game on a VR headset on the market,” said Massimiliano Ariani, game designer and co-founder of New Technology Walkers. “Being at the cutting edge of the technology has required a considerable effort on the game and level design stage, because there was no game we could copy from. It needed a lot of fantasy and experimentation.”

“It is the happy ending of a long ride,” said Vitillo. “Three years ago me and Max launched the first ‘HitMotion,’ that was the first full body VR game, that used a proprietary system employing Kinects and VR headsets. Now we are innovating again, with another own-made software solution that transforms a VR headset into an AR/MR one. ‘HitMotion: Reloaded’ lets the player see his/her surroundings, and this means that he/she can play a fitness game in full safety. We really want to thank HTC for having believed in this innovative solution.”

The game is available in Early Access for $5.59. The company is looking for community feedback to help improve it in its next iterations.

While the studio believes that the Vive Focus Plus is the best device to play this game with, the company reported that it will be probably ported to other platforms in 2020.

For more information, visit https://www.viveport.com/mobileapps/ee8b0d20-2731-4ea9-ad6d-11b759e754fc.

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