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Golem Coming to PlayStation VR in November

Highwire Games and Perp Games announced that the highly anticipated game “Golem” will emerge from the shadows in both physical and digital form on PlayStation VR in November. The game will be released physically in Europe, Nov. 8, with a North American release shortly thereafter. A digital version of the game will follow on Nov. 12.

In "Golem" you take on the role of Twine, an adventurous kid who has been left critically injured by a serious accident. While you can’t leave your bed, you develop an extraordinary ability to create and control large stone golems and see the world through their eyes.

You can use your golems to explore an enormous abandoned city, collecting treasure and artefacts, while unravelling a deeper mystery and discovering the connection between the city and your family. Designed from the ground up for VR, the game also has an innovative free movement control scheme and intense one-to-one melee combat that sees you feign, block and counterattack your enemies.

Highwire Games has spent several years refining and polishing the experience.

“It’s so gratifying to see our original vision for Golem come together into a full experience,” said Jaime Griesemer, creative director at Highwire. “We’ve really had to push ourselves and the technology, but I think the game is beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to play it. And we’re pretty old school, so it won’t feel ‘finished’ for us until we see it on store shelves.”

“'Golem' has been a long-time coming, but the wait is almost over,” said Rob Edwards, managing director of Perp Games. “It is our honor to be working with such an amazing team of world-class talent. We can’t wait to explore Golem’s secrets.”

"Golem" features music from award-winning composer Marty O’Donnell, creator of the soundtrack for “Halo” and “Destiny.” As an added bonus for fans, the physical edition of “Golem” will also include a downloadable version of “Echoes of the First Dream” the musical prequel to the game.