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Gladiators In The Roman Colosseum

Experience live-action gladiators in the Roman Colosseum in this VR 360 documentary posted by GMF Enterprises GmbH.

Stand next to Gladiators as they struggle for survival in the sand of the Roman Colosseum of 80 A.D. Observe a bloody and brutal conclusion together with Emperor Titus and 50,000 other spectators. The 10 minute long film is the latest contribution to the VR portfolio of German public broadcaster ZDF.

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360-degree videos let you look around your environment, so pay attention to what’s sneaking up behind you.

In a web browser you can simply click and drag the video around. On a mobile phone you can look around by moving your phone. In a VR visor, just turn your head. With the visor, sometimes it’s best if you have a swivel chair and a few feet of clearance in the real world.

As always, if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, take off the visor and take a break.

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