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Galactic Rangers VR Coming this Fall

DGMA studio announced that Galactic Rangers VR - an arcade-style VR FPS game is scheduled to be released later this autumn on Steam, the Oculus Store and the Windows Store. Galactic Rangers VR supports a vast majority of VR devices such as Oculus Touch, Steam VR/HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

Players take the role of Galactic Ranger who is armed with a pair of top-notch blasters, shields and some really cool abilities like, for an example, time freezing.

The game puts users in the shoes of one-of-a-kind savior of the Galaxy, who has to deal with evil space pirates, shoot a lot, dodge asteroids and debris and even jump as you progress.

“We are thrilled to reveal our product,” said Andrey Lukashov, DGMA chief technical officer. “Not only Galactic Rangers VR is a new approach to traditional FPS genre, but we have some really cool techs behind, such as advanced image stabilization. You won’t see them, but you’ll notice them. So, just grab your pair of blasters and dive into deep space, blasting away endless waves of enemies as long as you can!”

For more information, visit https://galacticrangers.dgma.io

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