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      Hal Myers

      I have seen many VR games creating Scary scenes,; however, for desensitization, I need realistic generally non-threatening scenes, such as
      walking between two high building on a plank
      flying in an airplane
      viewing spiders gradually more challenging
      being in open spaces for agoraphobia
      being in enclosed spaces for claustrophia,
      Do any of you know of simulations I can use along with Biofeedback of users stress

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      Aleksandr Nick

      Your experience is exciting enough, virtual reality games are becoming increasingly popular. This is because of the immersive experience they provide. Not only are the games fun to play, but they are also safe for children.
      The developers servreality.com of these games have found a way to balance the virtual experience with safety measures so that children are not too scared to play.
      The main goal of these simulations is to make them as close to reality as possible without making them too dangerous for children.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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