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      Scott Lehane

      Ok folks, I’ve been largely distracted working under the hood here – trying to connect the Heisenberg Uncertainty Compensators to the Jump Drive so that when we make the jump into hyperspace we don’t crash into a black hole. It’s a bit like trying to modify a TARDIS to run as a Paradox Machine, but just when you think you’ve got it all sorted out, Google comes along and pisses in your cornflakes.

      I think I’ve got it sorted out now. I’ll be changing the login page later today so that those of you on older Macs can get it. In the meantime, the login in the right column here works for everyone:


      I still have some glitches in the Hyperdrive, but I can’t trust 3PO now that he’s turned to the dark side.

      3PO in Kill Mode

      I’ll keep you posted on how things are going.

      If you want to help, tell your friends and anyone you know with a visor that this is a cool place!

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      It’s great that there’s news! And it’s pretty rad.

      The most interesting thing of all is this idea that you could get information from the jump drive without it‒ and if we were to use that, then what did we do with the rest of the information on the jump?

      Well, we could do a lot, because the information on the jump drive is what makes hyperspace a special place, so it will contain information that we will need in the future.

      So, it‒ we‒ have the following information on our jump drive when we leave here: The time. That is, the jump ship time. (How long will it take to jump to hyperspace, then, after all the jumps?

      You know what that means? That’s why it can take years before a new Doctor Who series comes out. And why there’s plenty of talk in the media about where these new roles can take us.

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