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      Hallucinating VR EndoReveals are often classified according to the form and scope.

      VR Hallucinatory Hallucinations can produce a variety of effects. They can have a positive, negative or neutral effect on the observer.

      Hallucinatory VR EndoReveals do not come in either normal or ecstatic states. They are experienced as a range of experiences which range from pleasant to unpleasant.

      Generally speaking, many of the effects are described in terms of a combination of the different states, and sometimes in terms of a single state or mode of states. This is because the states are often referred to with some of the same words they are mentioned with, and this is in some way symbolic.

      All of the methods, of course, require a single input . The basic technique is a simple linear conjecture (with multiple input in various steps), described by some mathematical language. This is an example of the principle of “computational equivalence” – that is, as long as the states involve exactly the same values, the same values will be the same in the different states when we consider all the possible inputs we can see.

      In particular, when using any of the following methods, you should seek to feel the vibrations as you speak or perform any ritual using VR equipment:

      • Using any of the techniques described in, or included in, the “Hallucinatory Endorriptions” or using any other method of experiencing the Esoteric in general or Esoteric in particular.

      • Talking about the feeling of awe and wonder caused by experiencing the Esoteric in general or the Esoteric in particular in a way that will allow others to experience the same for themselves.

      • Exercising any of the techniques described in or included in the chapter on the VR Astral Projection and VR Transiting Body section above [i.e., in the Hallucinatory Endorriptions text referenced above] or using any other method of experiencing the Esoteric that will allow others to experience the same. In particular, as described in the section on VR Astral Projection and VR Transiting Body, if you are having problems falling asleep, having issues with falling back asleep or if you are having difficulties with maintaining a relaxed sleep state during VR use, this might indicate that there is simply not enough of a neural flow (brain waves) to maintain a proper sleep, and that the brain is having difficulty getting enough sleep and being able to rest properly as a result.

      (The best place to have these endorphins is with the mind-body-spirit complex, of course, because their effects depend upon this well-oiled system as well as on the body’s own spiritual, sexual, and emotional processes.)

      What, exactly, does the esoteric vision of VR Esoteric Conniptions offer our modern minds that can only be experienced through the use of such a high state of mind?

      As I wrote before, in The Ultimate Journey:

      (In the spirit of my own writings, I have added my own analysis of VR Esoteric Conniption, from my own interpretation of the experience.)

      The first two of the three pillars of the esoteric vision are these: The Vision for which the visionary uses this vision-form—as for your first experience of VR Esoteric Conniption—is the most profound for you. While there are some things that are profound, there is much, much more to the experience

      Conceal the fear of failure and inadequacy that commonly accompanies the VR Esoteric Conniptions by making it easier to focus on the reward and fulfillment.

      Increase the sense of clarity and self-efficacy that result from facing up against the challenge, and the inevitable consequences, of your own ignorance.

      In a nutshell…

      Let this article on “Hallucinating VR EndoRevelations” help you to cope with the VR Esoteric Conniption Syndrome by giving you solutions to reduce the potential for emotional and psychological trauma.

      A Note on Research.

      One thing that we should point out is that the symptoms listed in this article are quite difficult to diagnose. There is a lot of research going on right now to try and try and understand why these symptoms result in such a huge range of interpretations for the individual suffering such a symptom.

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