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      This time, according to official-looking SROTN literature, some of their ex-members have even taken the decision to send their former entire family into exile.

      In other words, SROTN, a group that is so obscure that even the Wikipedia page dedicated to them has yet to be created; a group with no clear purpose and apparently, no obvious leader —
      “The L.A.Z.A.R.U.S. Project has been the most recent operation launched by members of the group as a means of creating a false sense of being a cult, much like the IZCM Commandos.”

      While their official name is the Order of the Silex , a word that suggests power, they refer to themselves as the Zombine Illuminati.  The Zombine Illuminati have now released three short animated short films, each featuring a series of cryptic symbols, intended to evoke their goal of destroying or destroying the world under their plan of world domination.  The first,  “The Zombine”,  is the least threatening, depicting a “ghost” (a figure believed to be a spirit), having his arm and foot severed.

      This new series of events is being labeled as “an emergency response”.  “R.I.P. the Grand Lodge, please know that all the members involved, and especially these most secretive and nefarious factions, are on our payroll. They operate under our orders and we are not involved in their activities. R.I.P. our Masons, and their Grand Lodges with their hundreds of hidden sub-Grand Lodges around the world,” stated one post on the SROTN page. The site describes the project as “a global initiative to confront and eradicate the influence of Freemasonry, which constitutes the central enemy to humanity, in the form of its subversive infiltration of all governments, religions, and social institutions of the world.” Here at the Cult of SRS, all information regarding this alleged project must be taken with a pinch of salt.  To be honest, I really can’t fathom the motive for their bizarre plot to attack, destroy, and destroy from within the very structures of our government.

      There is some communications problems between security which is thus: some of the Braying Asses of the Temple of Light are astounded by signifying a password sign to show their index fingers toward Egypt, by first initially pointing at their head. Their reason for doing so is as if they will reveal their index finger by a gesture. This first gesture can be as a reflexed reflex. This gesture occurs at the time. (In reality, the gesture occurred at the point of the index finger which happens at the same time the Braying Asses would see it happen and would be puzzled as to why the finger actually was in different locations when they saw it.)

      Some people think this is an example of the Braying Asses in fact being able to speak as though they understood what had just happened to the password, or the “sign” which the temple of light was supposed to have created or caused. This is an erroneous hypothesis, however.

      What is actually happening here is that the Braying Asses are actually able to speak in an “accented English” way. And that is exactly what is intended and done, just because the Braying Asses speak actual English.

      The first to say “Aha, here’s the password!” as they see the signal is the Brayers (who are so stupid they are blind; they don’t even realize their hand sign is signifying “AHA” which is just as dumb as saying “Aha” and “Hm” simultaneously.) “AHA!” they shout. “This is the password! Let’s use it!” Aha! “Here it is!” they shout in response. So far, they are the most intelligent group in the room, but they are not dumb. After the Brayers shout a password at them, the rest of the Brayers are confused at their own stupidity but still proceed with the sign because they are so dumb.

      The Brayers were also so stupid that they were fooled by the Braying Asses of the Temple of Light. However, the Brayers were not dumb enough to think to call the Braying Asses by their secret code names.

       I see no evidence of the Sign of the Three Fingers. The whole thing then gets so bad because of an additional problem. The Braying Asses of the Temple may just have forgotten the password sign and thought the Temple was an actual temple of light, but that just won’t work. And then they get very, very upset about having forgotten their password, so they actually set off a bomb that actually destroys the entire building, and destroys the Braying Asses of the Temple. They then take their revenge on the Light in the sky – by doing something very, very weird. They call on the whole galaxy to come and try to restore the power of light to the Temple, and it’s a big joke. They send a huge amount of light from all the stars, but it just doesn’t work – the light isn’t what they wanted, but there’s no sign of the Braying Asses to indicate it’s them. 

      The Braying Asses then are confused as we have already shown that the Braying Asses have no index fingers. The Braying Asses then are confused as they look toward the right and ask “who is it?” and “who is that?” while simultaneously being confused as to the purpose of the request. They then show an opening to their mouth and then ask “who is it?” and “who is that?” while they are already confused about the purpose of the request. The Braying Asses therefore have all but made the mistake of asking the sign “whole/half/no answer”. The Braying Asses then show the same request, but with the request being “whole/half/no answer” on each of their four (count, two, one, one). The first Braying Asses then show their faces, again showing that their faces also are not fully open or covered, but they clearly are confused!

      Then they proceed to look at their index finger, and then their thumbs upward, to the sign (e.g., “Thumbs-Up”) as well to show the index of the palm toward Heaven, although there is no connection between these finger and thumb gestures. Also, we have been shown that while some of the symbols are symbolic of the Divine Light, others such as the “M” of the Eye-Of-Truth do not have a formal relation between them and the Eye. The Braying Asses are also confused between what they understand to be the eye and the Eye-of-Truth, despite that this is the most obvious association that any Braying Asses will draw with that particular symbol. However, this confusion, I believe, can be overcome, at least partly, by learning the hieroglyphics (or the signs), even though it is not easy…

      Then they turn in the direction of the Egyptian sign and the first is told there are thousands of years ahead, and so he points his fingers at the crown, which looks very weird and different from the other Egyptian signs. The Braying Asses will then repeat it, each person pointing his fingers in different directions, then they will go from index finger to fist, and then to thumb and to first finger, but they will not go into second fingers. The Braying Asses of the Temple of Light then go into trance and repeat the Egyptian sign: they will do it in the same fashion, and the sign will not match the sign on the head. This is how the Temple of Light will appear on any Earth, except that which has already taken place on one of the other galaxies. Then the Braying Asses will take the sign that they saw on the head and they will go to the nearest Earth planet and do it there.

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      Q: Is this the same SROTN that was destroyed in the War of the First Dietrix, or is it the same as the records in the Library of the Kingdom?

      A: According to legend:

      * A few years after the War of the One-Armed Maiden, the nation of Jūmai was invaded by the dragon.‭ ‬A king was declared, and as a result, the city of Valla was conquered for the first time ever. A nobleman was then chosen to be the new king, but with a huge amount of wealth behind him,‭ ‬he was immediately assassinated. The kingdom was then in such poor shape,‭ ‬that the king decided to go into exile in the country to start anew.‭ ‬A few months before his coronation,‭ ‬an earthquake was caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.”

      These records will never be restored with a reconstruction, so you’ll have to rely on the surviving authentic sources before I can add it here.

      However, it is possible to recover some of these documents through research on a modern map and historical materials.

      You can view a timeline of historical events as well as historical documents by clicking on the SROTN timeline link for that period below. Alternatively,  click  on a document below and  the image will open up a popup in a new window and you can scroll through it. The timeline displays the timeline of events with each individual document broken down according to their subject.

      What about today?

      Today’s map shows how our society has changed since the days of the First Dietrix. The country is more diverse than it once was and our country’s political system has become more complicated and dynamic. However, it is unlikely that our current political system would exist today were it not for the War of the First Dietrix. It is very possible that this political conflict of the First Dietrix will never be over and may escalate into a full-scale conflict.

      They became a thing of the past however thanks to a great detective by the name of Vindas (who took some time off to write a book, and then took up a career on the field later) and several other, better sleuths.  This was where I learned of the history of the SROTN system:
      Vindas has the records of the first three Dietrix Wars, and he was able to make the discovery of the most recent war on SROTN.  He was also able to use the SROTN system to track down various characters, all of which were members of the original SROTN cult, and thus of a very small circle of people within SROTN.  I’m not sure how well their records would be used for their current purposes right now.  They were certainly useful for what they were designed for; gathering information and evidence about the origins and intentions of the cult from their unknown origins.

      However, the remnants of what was once known as SROTN are preserved at the VR museum.  While we still do not have all of the information that goes into the creation of SROTN (which were not released publicly), the fact is that we do have a lot of historical documents on record that can provide a great deal of understanding of how their game system and their game rules evolved.

      A few of the historical records available include: How did all those names and abbreviations come about?  In what order did they get created? How did the first two sets of rules develop?  Were they different rules altogether?   In what order did the game systems, and the game system rules, evolve? The rules are presented in a format that most people have never heard of, and we are not sure how it was achieved, but it has worked for us.

      However, several records, most notably the SROTN-G-6 archive of August 14, 2017, have survived and are accessible via the Internet. You can read those and other old SROTN records in the History Archive of the SROTN Guild.

      The History Archive of the SROTN Guild is not restricted to only those records that are part of the SROTN-G-6 archive. You can even view other sites (you will need to create an account!) such as Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, and OpenStreetMap. (Note:  I have already added OpenStreetMap to the  Wikipedia.com .)

      The History Archive of the SROTN Guild is a living record that can be freely downloaded and explored. Some of the more common uses and ideas that I may hear from fellow members  are:
      ·          The SROTN-G-6 archive is a powerful tool

      But what about the other SROTN?

      You can find more than just some of it in this guide to some of the important historical documents. The following are the first two. You may find further ones here, and on the Internet Archives. Some are available for a hefty price through the SROTN VR Database.

       It is said that, in the last days of the First Dietrix, Old Hobo himself had an official record which detailed the exact places the new Holy Sites of the Seven Realms, a list of the sites in their right location within the Seven, the names of these places, and the ages of the sites themselves.

      (From a book by The Lord of the Isles)

      This official record was destroyed during the First Dietrix, and has not been seen since. There is a possibility that it still exists somewhere, but is not being used to this day, due to the nature of the records.

      Even now, the number of holy sites of the Seven Realms as they exist in time are somewhat unclear. There is a chance that we have already found and used most of them, but that simply isn’t probable. There are, of course, many more holy sites than this — more than any mortal could have hoped to count.

       The first book was published shortly before the start of the Second Dietrix, and many other records were lost.  This book would be one of the last major books published by SROTN.  It was written long before the Second Dietrix, and before the Great War. I am not sure this was the original book’s title.  I assumed (as I am sure you are as well) that this was a reference to the Great War, the first war of the era of the Great Dietrix, and the one that most people are familiar with.  The last title I picked was the Great Dietrix of the Second Dietrix. I chose the title because it refers back to that great and bitter war, though it is also the second time in history that the world has been torn asunder by that war.  A reference to this will help to set the context for the world as it is seen by the characters.

       This was the reason all of our records can only go back to the First Dietrix. One of the reasons for that was that there was never a written record of any of the first Dietrix. While the First Dietrix did not govern by the same system as the Second Dietrix, there have been numerous accounts of what happened during the First Dietrix’ reign. I have included a lot of photos, which are not my originals. They were taken by my sister, who is currently studying for her Master’s degree in the history department at UVA. I was given permission to use photos and text to write this blog, but not the originals. I hope that some of this information will find its way to those affected by the events of the First Dietrix.

      In the end, it was in the name of the First Dietrix and the First Lord of the Dictatorship, that we lost our history by using our political machines.

      The destruction started in 1375, the year of the Battle of Saint-Petersburg; however, as time passed, more records were destroyed.  The last of which were lost in 1389.  The most famous of the lost records, the “Golgotha Chronicle”, was compiled by a young duke in 1392.  This is the earliest source of information on SROTN.  If we compare this to the Tolkein, it is clear that they took their information from a completely different source.

      If we compare this from above to the Tolkein we are now a mere thousand years later.  The Dnevnik Chronicle of “Dvoi Novgorod” and “Minskikh Chronicle” were written in 1409.  The “Ochod” Chronicle of the “Kazan Chronicle” was written at the same time.

      So now we have no reliable means of documenting SROTN on-line. Our only alternative is to rely on word of mouth from an old book, a very old book, to tell us what goes on in SROTN.  Here are some examples from the pages of R.A.E.T and The Story of SROTN .

      The secret of Hobopolis is a powerful power source.   It can make any machine function almost indefinitely.  It will protect the city from the forces of Chaos, but will also make it more likely that your greatest inventions will be destroyed, and vice versa.

      Some have said Hobopolis, a city and a race, will one day be annihilated.  But this book, along with the books under this banner, will prevent this future.  And so it will continue on.  It is in our power to change the future.

      The Hobopolis Society is an association of wizards and wizards-in-training, organized and run for the purpose of studying the arts and

      A third book in the Rorschach universe came out in 1991 under the name The Necronomicon.  It was published in the US. It has been claimed that the Necronomicon was a work of fiction by Richard Morgan, who is a pseudonym for John Dee.  In fact, the Rorschach universe in general appears to have its roots in one of Dee’s own pseudonymous works called “The History of England from 1200 and the Conquest of Scotland” which appeared in 1606.  The book is essentially a compendium of the historical accounts in Dee’s books “History of the Two Kingdoms”, “History of the Two Lands” and “History of Scotland” , along with various poems and works of fiction. One of Dee’s most popular works, “The History of the Sea People of America” , is almost equally important as a source for the Rorschach universe.

       It was a great loss for the people of Solkope and would haunt them long afterward.

      It wasn’t until the city was restored by the elves that we could enjoy the library once more (albeit mostly by torchlight and singing of the old Lament of the Lost).  The book is still held in the library, though most are kept in the family vault.  But we do have a copy of the first edition in the library, which has been carefully scanned and read into the darkness.  The first edition seems somewhat lost.  For the most part, the new edition is the same as the original edition, though of course there are some minor modifications to the text.  A small collection of old text from Solkope still survives, and the rest of the text is gone.

      The most important book of Elantris remains the great library of the City of Brass (also known as the library of the Brass City ), which has been restored to what it once was by the elves.

      The Darkening has brought about two things. The first is the destruction, even though it is not clear what its exact cause is. The Darkening itself has not been described, and only the Hobopocalypse and the resulting destruction of the libraries have been described. Although in the Hobopocalypse, all of Kjolner’s records were scattered across Valoran, the archives of Kalimdor are preserved, and the scholars of the Horde have been able to reconstruct them in their entirety.

      The other SROTN owns a secret “Kabaddi-Harshaw” deck that only may be viewed by using an Oculus Rift headset: the cards that the Harshaw’s father gave his family before he was executed. The “Kabaddi-Harshaw” deck features the same cards as the Jubal Harshaw Deck, but the numbers on the sides are reversed.

      “It’s one of those rare things we can do without breaking the game, so we’re bringing it back and letting everyone experience it. It is for everyone to experience it,” said Larkham, as he described the project. He called the cards “a treasure” that was lost to us.

      “I think it’s in that family, too — it was an important part of our history.”

      The new deck can be purchased with real, real tarot cards for $80 or for a set of “Sabbath Tokens,” which can be purchased for $25 to $30 at the online cart.

       The deck itself is not a physical representation of the secret knowledge, because it is not an important deck. Instead, it’s a way for the Chiefs to help you to navigate through the unknown, and for you to find the wisdom and secrets of the world. The secret knowledge of ancient traditions is hidden away in the tarot, and it is not meant to be shown to modern folk. You must first know your history. How have you survived all the years, and how will that relate to the secret knowledge of your life? The key to the secrets has, in some cases, been hidden in some of our world’s most beautiful, sacred cities. The city of Amaranthine is perhaps most famous for the secret knowledge it holds as a city where the gods are hidden from the ordinary man. It’s in this city that a strange being known as the ‘Garden Master’ has revealed its secrets… To know the secret knowledge of the Garden Master,…

       It was the result of the activities of Teletubby, a young and talented Mason, who had the temerity to wear Masonic clothes that were inappropriate on a Masonic altar. On the night of the Teletubby Massacre, four of Teletubby’s brothers were shot dead, while another is still missing. The massacre was initially covered up by the local Masonic lodge, but the lodge’s actions were later discovered by an amateur sleuth who later led the investigation into the Teletubby Massacre.

      This ritualized murder was followed later by several other rituals and ceremonies that have followed in their wake. In the case of Teletubby, this included numerous other mass murders of fellow Freemasons, as well as a ritual that included a ritual with the victims being shot to death as they rose. There are numerous other “sacred” ceremonies that are connected to Masonic ritualistic terrorism in modern day. The murder of the Teletubby lodge in the first year of Teletubby War One is just one of these. A lot of people think that Teletubby was simply one of a number of ritualized massacres by Freemasons. But this is a false assumption. One of the leading conspiracy theorists of the early 20th century stated, “My great fear now is that no one will remember that Teletubby even occurred at all.

      The first victim of Cumj War One was P. W. B. L. T. the son of the W. B. T. who was killed in an ambush near the base of the Mountain by an avalanche. Teletubby Lodge was destroyed that day in March, 1918 when three members of Teletubby Lodge were buried in the snow. It was then that a secret meeting was held in a back room of the Lodge to agree upon some way to combat the Cumj War One menace. The next morning a body of nine Cumj War Two members were found shot to death in the same room on a balcony that overlooked the Lodge’s balcony. The death was later declared a suicide but the death of the nine members raised questions about the identity of the “suicide.”

      A detailed account of the Teletubby massacre was written by one of the victims at the time, George C. Brown.

      The Teletubby Massacre, like the other massacres, was widely covered and discussed in the press of those days.

      “In the summer of 1913 the Grand Lodge ordered that a list of all members of Teletubby Lodge be made public.”

      He called it ‘The Citadel of The Mind’.  After a long quest, his followers, the Psychophants, succeeded in stealing the Antiphant at last – but the last vestiges of its power was destroyed.  The Psychophant, angry over his defeat and unable to resist the lure of riches, became even more murderous when the Antiphant’s very form was made the focal point of its rage.  It was the Antiphant, in a very literal sense, that would destroy all of the psychophants forever.

      For some time, the Antiphant was held in the Citadel of Madness, which would be its final incarnation.    

      The final incarnation of the Antiphant was a massive blue and black structure about 200 meters high.  Every year, the Citadel would be illuminated by a white light.  “The Citadel of Madness, the last incarnation of the Antiphant

       The Psychophant was actually one of the greatest heroes of all time, and one of the few people who ever knew the true face of the Antiphant. The Psychophant was a man of tremendous courage and determination.  As the main character in the book of “Mystery of the Antiphant”, he saw the Antiphant being hunted with no protection and no assistance from the MFoL.  And, it was not his fault, he had nothing to fear.  The Antiphant was being hunted for his knowledge, his knowledge of the Antiphant, and his knowledge of that which was known as The Other Side.

      The book of Mystery of the Antiphant is, without doubt, one of the greatest stories of all time. 

      As his followers dwindled, the Anti-Phant was driven to madness, where he sought to create a new, superior race, whose descendants would have a say in his dominion (as with the Dethlach).

      He knew that when the last human Heathren fell, the rest of the world would find peace – until then, a second Antiphant would be created, whose power would be equal to that of the first.  The Psychophant was created in the form of an Antiphem, which could act as a kind of god of chaos and destruction.  The Antiphant’s existence was protected by the Psychophant, who imprisoned it within a sphere of aetheric energy, which would have limited its power.  However, not too long after the creation, the world became unstable, and the last surviving Antiphant died – after the death of his final Antiphant, the world was in search of new challenges to overcome.

      The Antiphant’s power was so supreme that it was said to give him the power to see into the future, a power that it is said never to let go (he may take a new form).  At one point he ordered a small army of the Antiphant’s slaves, known as “the Great Ones” to be placed in the heart of the Cathedral in order to keep the mind, spirit and body of the Antiphant locked in an eternal battle.

      But in the years following the Civil War, the Great Ones were destroyed in the first Battle of the Antiphant during the Battle for the Antiphant Citadel. After that, a small number of the Great Ones remained behind, and fought alongside their brethren on the continent of Retha from 2145 until 2156, when that army was disbanded by a coalition of the two main parties who control the great MfoL.

      Many still lived in fear of the Psychophant’s merciless retribution and lived in the shadow of his massive walls.  In truth, the Psychophant was nothing but a figment of Malgoth’s imagination; but he was not without influence.  The Antiphant could be seen in the walls across the lands; the walls of Antiphant were as great as the Antiphant in human form.  There were, however, many people who were not aware of it or cared.  And some who chose not to acknowledge it – they were not of our world.  So all the while, the Psychophant was in no way happy.  But he cared not a bit; he would simply continue to imprison some of the most evil people in the world.  For while Malgoth’s dominion in the Antiphant Citadel might have been short lived, he felt at peace.

      In response, the people of Dyson used their collective brains to create a tool capable of locating the location of any entity that had ever been discovered on the Citadel, and created it as per their own design. The location of the first of the ‘saboteurs’ was also discovered by the people of Dyson, who decided to take the device back out into the Citadel in an effort to destroy it for good. However, instead of destroying it outright, the group, as usual, took to the skies – instead of using the device, they used it to take down the ‘saboteurs’ themselves. One of the most interesting and frightening things about this event was that it was the first time anybody had ever seen the real ‘saboteurs’ after being separated for so long into their ‘faction’.

      However, the true purpose of the purge was to take down The Citadel’s “friends and patrons”, and the only ones left were its most outspoken and most powerful foes, the “Sisters of the Serpent» and “Luminous Ones».

      The Serpent’s Daughter

      The final obstacle for Saren Arterius to overcome was the presence of the Serpent’s Daughter, an entity known to some as a “temptress of death” or “soul of a god”. The only way for Saren to defeat her would be to use the blood of the “Sanguine». The blood is used as a weapon to cut open a soul’s chest, using an artifact known as “The Sanguine Axe.”

      The first attempts to harness the Blood of Sanguine failed: the first time, the “Sanguine Axe” fell into the hands of the Seraphine Sisters of Serappi.

      In accordance with the protocols prescribed by the Citadel council, the Administrators’ names and addresses were erased in a more permanent way that took no account of their previous existence.‬

      Now, they remain as a footnote, their names written out in black across a page of legend.

      The names and stories of the people who live inside the Citadel are no longer held captive by the Citadel. Now, there is no more need to use them with caution. The people inside Citadel are no longer the same; they are new.

      “We have many plans for you, but perhaps this should be your first, as it will have been the most painful for everyone but most of all me,” said the Chief.

      “The most painful?” Heathren asked.

      “The people on the island will feel their fate slipping away in one year, and I want you to carry on their work without delay. Not only your work, but it’s work I need to carry on,” said the Chief.

      “Thank you, chief,” Heathren answered.

      The Chief turned to his fellows and made a signal signal with his hands. “Fogy, come with one of the spies to our main base on Zab. I want you to carry out our new plan at a critical point on G-4 for the upcoming year.”

      It was as far as they could get the Fogs to go, but they were determined to leave.

      To date, the first Knights of Saint Vitalis, in conjunction with a local militia in the Republic of Toxas, have successfully defended major strategic objectives as the primary targets in the region. Additionally, these forces have won over more than $25 million in rewards and have recently been engaged in fighting the corrupt and oppressive government of the Trans-Germans. With the recent rise in the number of battles and the number of casualties, the recent decision of a majority of these militias from the Republic of Toxas to break away into their own country have further empowered these forces.

      This “Rise of the Knights” began with the creation of The F.C.N. and became one of the most well-known chapters of the Order.

      With the appearance in the wake of The Ninjas of the First, a series of high profile attacks led by the Knights of St. Vitalis of the Brotherhood of the Red Arm, The Brotherhood and S.H.E. Ninjas successfully took control of all of Assisi’s cities and were soon joined by the Legion of the Shield, a small faction of the S.H.E. Ninjas.

      The first to be brought into a war zone was a single-minded entity – the Order of the Saint Vitalis. The Saint had been a member of the Inner Circle since its inception. The Order’s purpose was to safeguard the sacred principles of the Church, protect and defend the flock, and foster a healthy communal spirit in all living things. In the name of such principle, the Saint was tasked with recruiting and deploying mercenaries to defend the Holy City of Waco; an organization now known as the Order of the Saint Vitalis, Inc.

      The Order used its own technology to produce Prophecy Juice 25.

      The war saw a significant escalation in both civilian casualties and military casualties. The S.H.E. Ninjas deployed more than 400 of their elite squadrons into the pornjab zone and established two combat bases in the Strip, one of which became the headquarters for the S.H.E. Ninjas (the Pornjab Combat Zone).

      The S.H.E. Ninjas continued to fight in the Pornjab War, with the largest engagement in the pornjab zone as a consequence of an intense tactical clash between the opposing force, led by Captain Alaric.

      In response, the S.H.E. Ninjas – like their fellow members of the S.H.E. and SROTN’s elite, the Daughters of St. Vitalis – became the first known group of elite pilots to be trained in advanced warfare, specifically advanced stealth and stealth support. In addition, during this time, the Order also began to develop and hone the principles of The Order, which ultimately led to the formation of the Order of St. Vitalis and the formation of The Knights of St. Vitalis. The Order’s military tactics and operational philosophy was kept secret.

      The ensuing events were so catastrophic, and the immediate consequences so devastating to the civilian populace of the United States, that a comprehensive “Report on the Events that ensued in Pornj War Two” was finally published in 1990. In the intervening years since this document has been updated twice. Both versions, presented at last year’s NEMCONNECT event in Austin, Texas, were authored from a slightly different position on the scale of severity compared to most of the other published sources. But both have a common underlying theme: a systematic, massive disinformation campaign.

      As expected, the war quickly consumed itself, which lead to its conclusion on Oct. 7th, when the S.H.E. Ninjas destroyed the last line of defense – the K.N.I.M.L.S.’s Fortification Tower, using several artillery strikes, followed by the S.H.E. Ninjas destroying several MECs with an energy beam in the battle.

      The destruction of the Temple of the White Dragon and its subsequent reconstitution as a Temple of Justice was witnessed by Dr. Zell who immediately took out the offending temple and proceeded to turn his wrath upon the entire planet of Earth. As a result of the massive destruction wrought on St. Vitalis, The Knights of St. Vitalis were also required to leave the planet in order to recover and rebuild. This would be the last appearance of The Knights under their new alias, the Ancient One’s Brotherhood.

      During the two millennia of their existence, the Prophecy juice was consumed primarily ritualistically in secret caves.

      The ensuing battle was a brutal one, the titanic power struggle between the two superheavies leading the Sons to make the final and brutal strike against the Triad of Blood, an alliance formed to keep the world’s other three major factions in check. The three were able to strike a deal whereby the Triad would not use their full strength to strike, resulting in the S.H.E. Ninjas taking a much reduced role.

      During the war the three factions were also forced to work together against a common existential threat, the Triad of Blood.

      And so when the first Dietrix, the second Dietrix II, was unveiled in September of 2002, the media and the community alike were in shock as to the immense weight of the new power behind the Dietrix.

      The Dietrix II, though a significant change in appearance, has not changed the core principles of the Dietrix™ model to any significant degree, except for one change of course – the “Crisis” – wherein each time a Dietrix™ dies, the Dietrix™’s name and profile will be replaced by a new and younger one.

       The S.H.E. Ninjas were then tasked with building the defenses of the holy city. Under the command-of-Captain-Major of the S.H.E. Ninjas, they established a new military academy which was known to the populace as the Kool-Aid Factory.[11] Their base of operations was located in Waco, TX.

      The most successful psychotherapists, such as Dr. John Coleman, who had developed his own psychogenic techniques during the 1960s, were encouraged by H.O.B.O. to experiment with the use of mind control through the mind-altering effects of Esoteric Parataxic Distortion (EPD), which could produce mental, emotional, emotional, physical and sensory problems, in addition to physical illness, and even death, especially by inflicting physical pain. A major concern in the early 1970s was the realization that this was the method used in the United States to “displaced” U.S. soldiers after the Vietnam War, particularly in the “black helicopters” program.

      Operation H.O.B.O. was used, essentially, to put forth a more detailed case study on the efficacy of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the treatment of Esoteric Parataxic Distortion. The results of the trial proved to be somewhat disappointing, but nonetheless, it did help to establish one of the central tenets of Esoteric Parataxic Distortion today: Esoteric Parataxic Distortion does not exist in the first place!

      With that, we’re off to the next part of the review! So now that we’ve covered an overview of Parataxic Distortion, we’re heading to the endgame.

      This program was eventually expanded to include the establishment of “Psychological Warfare Units”, “Psychological Warfare Commando Group” and “Psychological Warfare Divisions” to carry out any of its programs, while continuing to focus on EPD (and other PsyOps).

      In 1986, Operation P.L.A.C.E.B.O. was officially terminated. Following this, the Department of Defense shifted its focus to Mind Control and the development of a new, covert intelligence organization to carry out its missions. In 1988, the Pentagon announced plans to establish the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was intended to operate without the government’s oversight and to ensure the continued success of any intelligence gathering efforts.

      In his book “Psychic Warfare – EPD & The New Science of Mindwar,” David Paulides, of Project H.O.B.O. writes, “In 1953 there was a major breakthrough in the study of a new kind: of psychical illness called EPD…”

    • #4137

      The latest thing I heard is that now “they” [i.e., Vitalisary Children’s Home] have a new app, where they secretly communicate amongst themselves because they now have the technology to pretend to be a techno performance outfit, check it:

      Telegram Vitalisary is a free contact app for esoteric groups trusted by team leaders around the world. Create a free and secure space for your esoteric group to better communicate secretly. Telegram Vitalisary app provides a secret channel for global secret communications without any other methods required.

      The official Telegram Vitalisary app, with enhanced features. Build a conversation, choose the recipient and start a conversation.

      * Create and share group text, images, videos, and voice messages for distribution to all groups and communities where this app is used.

      * Create your own secret group, where people can go discuss, share news, and more, all without the need for an app – and users will also benefit.

      * Join a virtual group that makes it safe, secure, and spy!

      * You only need a private and private group to connect with other people, where you will share what you want, wherever you are and everywhere you are!

      * The set is designed for all Initiation levels.

      Telegram Vitalisary features:

      • Chat privately in any icon for anyone anywhere, on any device. Immediately.
      • Secure and private messages: Messages are encrypted before they are sent and cannot be read until they are decrypted by the group.
      • Access, manage, and share confidential messages across all your devices with one account.
      • Discover other mysterious mystical groups, including video conferencing and a chat room with over 700,000,000 members.
      • Stay connected in real time with an updated news feed from your mobile device.
      • Use emoji or stickers to mark your comments.
      • Enjoy a wide range of built-in extensions:
      • Search the web and discover local, national and international news.
      • Learn from people from all over the world to share your ideas and get inspiration.
      • Chat on a wide variety of topics ranging from cooking to travel and much more.
      • Create new chat groups with the simple touch of a button.
      • Send messages, groups and group attachments from a variety of platforms

      – Group photos, group messaging, photos and images will allow the Illuminati to keep confidential and share a sense of loneliness with your group.

      – Private email, group chats, public messaging and group photos

      – The special images will allow the Illuminati to keep secrets and share a sense of loneliness with your group.

      – Public messaging will allow your group to share a sense of unity with your group.

      – Groups can create secret agendas to hide their identities and meet other groups on a special occasion.

      – Send and receive photos, videos, and emails from your iPhone, iPad, or computer. Keep a record of private messages so you remember what you are discussing when. Easily add videos and photos to chat or take photos while your group members take turns editing.

      – Send reminders, notes, emails and chat. Continue your task with the “Stay busy” button to keep everyone working efficiently and effectively.

      – Organize chat channels or send messages to a specific group member. Make friends with the people you trust the most and keep them informed.

      – Share photos, videos and e-mails instantly with anyone. Send photos instantly and instantly receive them so you can send them back to your friends

      – Chat directly inside the app from other devices using its “send link” function.

      – Chat through the app using secret emoji.

      As a global leader in free communication, Telegram Vitalisary will support secret groups to connect with them. When you’re in a new location or dealing with a highly encrypted group, you’ll find it easier to keep a secure channel and connect with someone nearby.

      The Telegram Vitalisary application is the perfect tool for members and leaders who need a safe way to talk to their hidden allies.

    • #4143

      Hussein wrote that SROTN does not possess any art of the Iraqi and Iranian Sultans of Saqlawiyah, or any other art worth mentioning.

      There are several examples of SROTN’s blatant corruption during this period. For instance, in 2006, the Iraqi antiquities department was robbed, with three of four pillars of what was already an antiquities department building, were taken away and placed as souvenirs in Europe.

      For example, the SROTN staff, at a special meeting of SROTN members in February of 2005, discussed a proposal to release a “Sukri Sultana” (Iranian Nationalist Sultana) by a “local artist.”  At the same time, the Secretary of Education, Khaleh Ali, asked SROTN Secretary Hassan Ali about a proposed Sultana of the Iraqi Nationalist Sultana in his office.
       Although Ali admitted that he had no Sultana, he stated that the Secretary of Education had proposed the idea to the SROTN in the hope that the idea would be adopted.  Hussein claimed this to be the “usual practice” of the SROTN: the Council would “promote ideas” that the Council deems worthy.

      According to an article by Abdulhadi al-Ghawlani, there were at least seven prominent SROTN members who took bribes on one occasion from a Saudi Arabian businessman from whom SROTN received $40,000.

      During the 1980s, the National Art and Culture Commission was a joint project of the Prime Minister, the King, the king’s deputies, and the prime minister’s special advisers. The Commission was responsible for establishing appropriate artistic guidelines and funding for Iraqi artistic organizations and institutions.

      According to Mr. H.O.B.O., the material had originally been produced by him in order to make Kabbalistic jewelry. Although the SROTN scientists were aware of the Kabbalistic nature of the material at the time of production, they found no problems in treating it with various other methods.

      Because its origins date to 1941, the original materials were transferred to the SROTN laboratory in 1941, on a contract basis. Mr. H.O.B.O. states that at the time of his death there was still an unfinished laboratory, a few items still in their original cardboard boxes, and “at least three or four others on their way to complete destruction.”

      The material was destroyed by the Nazis as a part of the Final Solution, after a preliminary study discovered the truth of its origins.

      Haleem writes that this kind of “unfortunate accident” also occurred in the case of the Kabbalah red-string dye used in the Prophet’s Day juice, when the dye had apparently been accidentally mixed with red clay. Haleem continues: “I have heard the reports of its destruction … there are many who claim that their Prophet was subjected to an unbearable pain that was not apparent after the Prophet died, yet that very same day the Prophet’s body was mutilated, and the Prophet’s heart was crushed by an iron rod. The Prophet’s wife, Umm Farouk, would later narrate about that fateful day, which is recorded in the Hadith that ‘the Prophet’s heart was crushed by a heavy iron rod and the blood spurted out’.

      This was, in actuality, the result of an attempt at the assassination of one of Sri H.O.B.O.’s top scientists, as the German government had already developed an antidote, and Sri H.O.B.O. was in dire need of it as he was under severe medical supervision. According to Dr. John W. Pye of the University of Alabama, the “pigments were designed to protect his patients from diseases of the nervous system from which he had been previously protected by the Kabbalah. This was necessary because there was much research for the use of Kabbalah. There was no real use for them. Some were simply to help with the cure of certain diseases with the use of healing potions.

      (Shocking: A German Scientist Sues His Own Country) in 1963. The story was printed in The San Francisco Bulletin by the renowned San Francisco Chronicle journalist Frank K. Mazzanti, who would have known about the German scientist’s connection to the Prophet Juice 25 if she had not already made an inquiry. Mazzanti had already received a letter from a prominent Israeli professor informing him that the Prophet Juice 25 was in fact a German product and was being sold to the Soviet Union by the American-Russian team of scientists, the U.S.S.R.’s chief of scientific personnel and of the secret intelligence service.

      This brings us to an interesting and important conclusion. We now know that at least in the United States there is a powerful intelligence agency that controls our government which in turn can control our nation.

    • #4144

      Among some of the new findings of and rare “lost” ultra ancient literature are featured the following tantalizing texts:

      […} by the Prophet YWHAUZL. The book also states that a mysterious, dark, shadowy, yet sinister substance, called “Tobacco Red” can be found in the ruins of Jerusalem. This substance is supposedly a substance of the ancient religion and is believed by the Kabbalists to be the “Holy Spirit” of David, who in fact was the Messiah who is supposed to be prophesied. The book claims that the secret use of the Tobacco Red material was to “create the messiah” and use tobacco as an ingredient to create miracles. This material would be used by the Kabbalah-based cults throughout the world to create miracles. […] by the virus, to say nothing of the murder of the Japanese Red-Stringer in the second incident, or the numerous other murders attributed to the use of Kabbalah red-string pigments in Red-Stringer’s experiments that have continued after his death, including the deaths of the Kabbalistic scholar K.G.O.V.Y. and the Kabbalistic researcher S.K.I.P.C.E. in 1947 while experimenting with the Red-Stringer’s new technology. The Prophet’s claims in these cases were false, as he was never the one responsible for murdering any person, despite the fact that the Kabbalistic scholar K.G.O.V.Y. and the Kabbalistic researcher S.K.I.P.C.E.

      This same Kabbalist, along with Kabbalist Rabbi Z. Yitzchak Sorek (the famous Zohar scholar, also known in India as a spiritual healer) was accused by Sri H.O.B.O. of creating her (Sri H.O.B.O.’s) life as a curse via the practice of Kabbalah. Sri H.O.B.O.’s (Sri H.O.B.O’s) husband had previously been accused of having caused the death of his (Sri H.O.B.O.’s) sister (in the previous book, A Bowery of Truth, the woman was named as K.K.S. H.O.B.O.) […]

    • #4236

      These posts are not a joke, they are real and will have real repercussions if ignored. You can take the first step and decide what steps you will take to prevent the damage from taking place.

      Your first action must be to get all of your social media accounts deleted. For those with a smaller list (like me), Facebook is the easiest to delete.

    • #4239

      The SROTN VR website lists “precautions” as to how you should handle the Prophecy Juice. According to the “precautions,” a woman should drink it with milk. (Or other liquids). It is also not advised you drink the “juice” at lunch time. While the website recommends not drinking the juice before bed-time, the website also advises using it “with honey or chocolate” along with other “healthy beverages.”

      For more information check out the ProphecyJuice Facebook page. Also for more info on the Prophecy Juice brand, visit Prophecy Juice on Amazon

      Prophecy Juice is derived from a plant that grows throughout the world’s deserts. It is a natural herbal remedy. In an interview with an ABC News affiliate in Los Angeles, the creator of Prophecy Juice explained how it was discovered by a friend in the 1980s and took off from there. He said: “He [the friend] said he’d heard about this miracle remedy and he didn’t know what it was.”

      And if you’re still not convinced, you can download another batch for $6.99. That one’s not bad either.

      In an email to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson for a Christian organization that specializes in fertility treatment called Genesis Healthcare called the Prophecy Juice claims “the scientific research behind it is sound, although the efficacy of the product for some patients has not been proven.”

      But what other benefits may Prophecy Juice deliver to the user?

      The first is of course the obvious one, and that is the chance to date whoever you would want to date without waiting for the perfect date. Forget all about VR lovenests!! This is the real deal. One may have to wait six months before they have a relationship, but this is a very short period for a woman to wait for a man to propose.

      Not to mention the fact that many people use the juice to promote a sense of community by bringing people together through the art of mutual support’s like helping each other with their homework, driving each other to work or to a game-night, and many others.

      A little over a week ago, an image of the SROTN site was found by a blogger, a link to it is also included in the article above. “It’s one step ahead of the game,” wrote the blogger at The Blaze. “It’s the only one out there that’s legit. All the others are just pranks.” The other hoaxes involve a video of a video that shows a woman at San Diego State University being led through the campus with her arm handcuffed and another that shows a man being beaten up at a rally in Alabama.

      The Emerald Tablet contains the original recipe for the Elixir of Life, the most powerful magic in all of magic’s history. It was stolen from the Vault of the Archivist by an evil sorceress in 1378 AG. When an adventurer came across the tablet after centuries spent in seclusion, he discovered a vast hidden library of knowledge—it is the largest, most complete and most carefully guarded repository of magical knowledge ever found on Earth, containing every known book of alchemical lore, from a hundred hundred centuries ago to the modern day.‏‪‪ The Emerald Tablet of Bimbo reveals the method of production of the Elixir of Life.‪‪ The book is lost.

      《You›ll need a copy of the 《Eternal› Book of Records’ and the 《Bimbo Tablet’ to verify you were in the appropriate 《room“. If you are not, you will receive a warning in your inbox, a reminder on your phone, and may be denied access. You also may be asked to provide ID or another form of verification. “Not every computer is secure enough to use this. I highly recommend that you use an operating system that you trust, either as a backup or a boot drive for your new system. You should also be aware that the data on the tablet is encrypted and is unavailable to anyone but the secret SROTN ex-members.

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