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DREAMO VR Coming to Steam Feb. 20

Carbon Studio and Hypnotic Ants Studio will release DREAMO VR for Steam VR, Feb. 20. DREAMO VR is a story-driven adventure puzzle game, where the player explores strange landscapes and solves interactive cube riddles to progress. Featuring fully voiced narration, the plot revolves around symbolism, morality and the consequences of life choices.

Players find themselves in the shoes of Jack Winslow, an acclaimed pharmacologist trapped in a coma after narrowly escaping with his life from a plane crash. Assisted externally by Dr. Tara Moreau, you’re tasked with finding and connecting your memories in an effort to regain consciousness. The key to restoring your old self lies in a series of three-dimensional puzzles that appear easy at first, but as the stakes rise, the dreamscape is changing, and not everything is as it seems.

As the dreamscape evolves, the cubes feature increasingly complex internal machinery, making it more difficult to access the areas locked deeper in your subconscious.

Delve into the immersive story and uncover the events behind your condition. Why are you in a coma? Was there really a plane crash? The people helping you – who are they? Why do they care? Are they your friends, or are they hiding something? Put the gears in their proper place, fix all the components of your mind, and find the answers.

For more information, visit Steam VR (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1138220/DREAMO_VR/).

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