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DOJAGI Lets You Make Your Own Pottery in VR

Korean game developer UTPlus Interactive has launched a new VR simulation game that lets people make traditional pottery in virtual reality. The experience simulates the age-old potter’s spinning wheel and serves as a beginner's guide to pottery making.

After the spinning wheel, users can then draw pictures with a VR brush, carve with a carver, and try baking and glazing to perfect their earthenware creations. They can share their pottery data on the Internet through the official website and print out their personal creations with a 3D printer using an OBJ file.

UTPlus Interactive developed the game in consultation with pottery artist Damggol Kim Jong-young in order to create a highly realistic simulation. The sound in the game was recorded in a real pottery workshop.

DOJAGI, VR, Pottery
DOJAGI - the world’s first spinning wheel simulation game for pottery making in virtual reality
In the game, users can decorate their own workshop as a traditional Korean-style house or a Western-style workshop and can make in-game currency selling their pottery or winning prize money in various spinning wheel contests, which can be used to purchase various items that function as they would in the real world.

DOJAGI is available at a discounted price on Steam and the Oculus store until Nov. 1.