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Death Lap Launches on Oculus Quest and Rift

OZWE Games launched “Death Lap” – a darkly comedic VR game that puts players behind the wheel of a combat-racing game where they must battle to survive.

“Death Lap” is about speed, mixed with a variety of weapons. Players can pick up bonuses and special abilities along the way. When players drift in “Death Lap,” they charge up a speed boost. The best tactic is to drift on every turn and rocket ahead on a straightaway. Players can also increase their speed with boosters and No² fuel.

There are five original vehicle designs to choose from and each vehicle has its own and unique personality and weapons, ranging from The Rodder Z60, a six-cylinder hotrod to The White Wolf, a super high-powered sports car built for precision.

The game offers a variety of tracks to choose from with a variety of weapons available, ranging from a Gatling gun with a high rate of fire, to a rocket launcher that shoots one rocket at a time, but the effect and damage area is enormous. There are also state-of-the-art technologies like a blaster that shoots high-velocity plasma bullets piercing through nearly anything or a laser beam that cuts and melts metal like butter.

"Death Lap" can be played solo or with friends. VOIP can be enabled or disabled across the game and joining the VOIP channel is optional.

For more information, visit https://www.ozwe.com/deathlap/.

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