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Das Boot VR Escape Comes to Hologate Locations

Munich-based developer rcp announced the release of “Das Boot VR Escape” for the Hologate location-based VR platform. The game invites players to go on a breathtaking cooperative diving mission at over 300 Hologate locations in more than 30 countries.

The developer released a single-player experience “Das Boot VR Demise” for HTC Viveport earlier this year. But in the Hologate version, players must work as a team, stepping into the shoes of Commander, Watch Officer, Chief Engineer and Helmsman and coordinate their efforts precisely to avoid certain death. In order to master the virtual challenge, players should talk through every decision before taking desperate measures.

Combining a challenging and realistic U-boat simulation with demanding escape game mechanisms, “Das Boot VR Escape” allows players to experience first-hand the horrors of World War II, including the claustrophobia and stress of being trapped in the depths of the ocean. The result is a deeply immersive adventure that only works when shared with others.

Produced by rcp and developed by Aesir Interactive (Ostwind), Das Boot VR Escape forces its four players to work hand-in-hand to rescue a German U-boat that has come under attack by British destroyers. It’s the beginning of a desperate fight for survival, centering around the attempts to drive away the destroyer without totally sinking it while trying to preserve their own ship at the same time.

“Das Boot VR Escape” is based on the TV series directed by Andreas Prochaska and coproduced by Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment using motives from the novels Das Boot and Die Festung written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. The series is heading into its second season.

The game marks the second partnership between rcp and Hologate having released “World of Tanks VR” for the location-based platform earlier this year.

Check www.hologate.com for a location near you.

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