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CityLights Launches Tutankhamun VR Experience

CityLights, an immersive entertainment company, unveiled a new virtual reality experience, “Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb,” at the Saatchi Gallery in London as a part of the Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition.

The immersive experience is the directorial debut for Joel Newton, the co-founder of Los Angeles-based CityLights, who spared no expense in bringing together an team of experts to ensure an accurate and respectful recreation, while crafting an entertaining story for the viewer.

The eight-minute experience is narrated by Hugh Bonneville, in a nod to the fictional role he played in Downton Abbey and the equivalent real Lord Carnarvon, who funded Carter's archaeological pursuit in the same era as the iconic TV series. Further talents include producers Garland Hunt Jr., Ian Donahue and Chadwick Turner, world renowned scriptwriter Bart Gavigan and his son Gabriel, and Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza, who composed the soundtrack after an in-depth study of the sounds and instruments of ancient Egypt.

The theater consists of 18 state-of-the-art Positron Voyager chairs, the first chair designed specifically for fully immersive cinematic VR. Positron is widely considered the leader in the field and this theater is the first time the masses will have direct access to this technological advancement.

“Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb” is the latest film from CityLights, who, in 2018, acquired executive producer Darren Aronofsky's "Spheres," the space-themed narrative three-piece series that debuted at Sundance and won the Grand Prix at the Venice International Film Festival and was the first-ever VR project to screen at Telluride. In January 2019, CityLights produced a sold out Spheres Pop-Up at Rockefeller Center. Recently, they announced The MVP Experience, an extended reality project featuring NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, in which fans can be transported into the shoes of the star quarterback.

Newton and co-founder David Ganek started CityLights to look at virtual entertainment from a different perspective, as a new creative tool essential for the future of storytelling. The company is dedicated to the visual quality of its content and providing resources to creatives who are expanding immersive media as a cinematic medium.

The "Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb" exhibit will run until May 3, 2020.

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