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Chase Shadowlings in an AR Wall Climbing Game

Valo Motion released “Shadowlings” -- a new augmented reality puzzle-based multiplayer game for its ValoClimb wall-climbing game platform.

Up to four players can play the game on the ValoClimb climbing wall, chasing cute Shadowlings that have gotten lost in the Shadow realm. The players use their own shadows to nudge, carry and fling the creatures across dozens of levels. Players need to figure out the puzzles as quickly as possible and compete against other players on the leaderboards.

"Shadowlings" is designed for entry-level climbers that want to work together and solve climbing challenges. It’s perfect for parents to play with their children or small groups of friends. The experience of working together and helping each other is a first for ValoClimb games.

The game introduces many new technological advancements to the ValoClimb system. Firstly, Valo Motion made a custom tracking system that detects the players' shadows on the wall. It creates a new level of freedom to the interactions. Whether the player is touching the wall or swinging their hand while hanging from a hold, their shadow is all that matters. Secondly, Valo Motion added a responsive physics simulation system that drives the whole game experience. Even the quickest of movements send the creatures flying off exactly where the players want to. Thirdly, Valo Motion made creatures that feel alive and interact with the player. From their facial expressions to their fur, everything reacts to what the players do. Shadowlings can even be tickled.

All these new advances will be used for future games on both ValoClimb and the trampoline game platform ValoJump to make new exciting experiences.

“We listened to the family entertainment venue owners and made the new game perfect for the parks. The game is played in short 2-3 minute sessions, so that as many people as possible get to try the game out during the day,” said Dr. Raine Kajastila, CEO of Valo Motion. “Many people actually do get to try it as the game technically works with a maximum of 8 players. We still recommend to play with 2 adults or 3 children at a time for the safest and most fun experience. It also works perfectly as a single player climbing challenge and you will find yourself exhausted after completing hard difficulty levels on your own.”

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