Take a chill pill and relax with some of these meditative VR experiences.

Sunset Mind Chill

Posted Mind Chill 360-Chill Out Music and Art, 360-degree videos let you look around your environment, so pay attention to what’s sneaking up behind you. In a web browser you can simply click and drag the video around. On a mobile phone you can look around by moving your phone. In a VR visor, just turn your head. With the visor, sometimes it’s best if you have a swivel chair and a few feet of clearance in the real world. As always, if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, take off the visor and take a break.

VR Nature Meditation

Relax with a virtual 360° VR nature journey from waterfalls and beaches in Tasmania to the Grand Canyon in this 360 degree video posted by ECOVR

Beautiful Sunsets in Virtual Reality

Relax with a set of beautiful sunsets in 360-degree virtual reality - including deserts, oceans, canyons, beaches, and tropical island nature video footage, posted by videodoctor.