YOLO! But seriously, don’t try this at home.

Cliff Diving From a Rocky Ledge in Italy

Would you jump?...Eh, probably best if we leave these cliffs to the pros, like Kyle Mitrione from the U.S. Cliff Diving Team. See what's it's like to take the plunge at the Polignano A Mare in this 360 degree video from Red Bull.

Stunning 360 Degree Paramotor Flight

Travel inside an active volcano in this 360 video brought to you by Red Bull and hit the skies with paramotoring legend Rafael Goberna as he explores Brazil's Iguazu Falls from above.

GoPro VR: Tahiti Surf with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drolle

Check out the Tahiti surf with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drolle with GoPro VR. Ride the waves with this 360 degree video from GoPro and get fully barreled with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet in Tahiti as they take you deep inside with a 6-camera GoPro Spherical array.

Red Bull Formula 1 RB8 360 Degree Video Experience

VIEMR shot some awesome footage of the Red Bull Formula 1 RB8 racecar in this 360 degree video experience. During the Gamma Racing Day, in front of 82,000 spectators, Sébastien Buemi takes the RB8 for a couple of runs on the TT Circuit Assen.

Mountain Climbing: The Eiger North Face Summit

Check out this stunning 360 degree video of mountain climbers reaching the Eiger North Face summit at 3970 M via the Heckmair Route posted by MAMMUT. After enduring all the extreme challenges of the North Face, the ultimate goal is finally reached. Mountain Climbing the Eiger North Face Summit represents the ultimate in 360!

Ride the Yamaha Movistar Motorcycle in 360 Degrees

Brought to you by Xperience360, for the first time you can discover what it feels like to ride the Yamaha Movistar motorcycle for a lap around the track in 360 degree video.