Zoos are totally 20th Century. Get up close and personal with wildlife in VR.

Scuba Diving in the Gardens of the Queen, Cuba

Check out this 360 degree video where you go scuba diving with turtles and sharks in the Gardens of the Queen in Cuba posted by 360 video AirPano.

The Okavango Experience Ep. 2: Elephant Encounter

National Geographic takes us to the Okavango Delta, home to almost half of the world’s remaining savanna elephants. Come face to face with elephants and observe a tense encounter between the expedition team and a migrating herd in this 360 degree video.

The Okavango Experience Ep. 1: Africa’s Pristine Delta

In this 360 degree video of Africa's pristine delta experience the Okavango episode 1 from National Geographic. Join Dr. Steve Boyes and his team of researchers on an 18-day scientific expedition through one of the world's last wild places – the Okavango Delta. Canoe down the river in a mokoro and get up close to lions zebras and elephants for a firsthand look at the diverse wildlife.

Get Wild With Wolves

Immerse yourself in the thick North American woods to watch how wolves investigate and hunt in a pack in this 360-degree video from Discovery. These cute and cuddly looking animals can be some of the craftiest and fiercest hunters amongst the animal kingdom.

Wild With: Horses

Get a front row seat to the spectacle of stampeding mustangs in this 360 degree video from Discovery. Feel their breath and the ground shake as their hooves strike the earth.

Wild With: Bears

Ever wonder what it's like to stare down a Kodiak grizzly bear face-to-face in the woods? Put on a headset and feel her roar and see her massive height from a safe distance in this 360 degree video from Discovery.

Polar Obsession 360

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen braves rough ocean waters and sub-zero temperatures to return to Antarctica and dive beneath the ice for a close-up encounter with a twelve-foot-long leopard seal.