From quarks to black holes, from the first spark of life on Earth to the most advanced robots on Mars, VR can help you understand the Universe around you.

360 Degree Timelapse to the Edge of Space

Check out this 360 degree video from sentintospace who sent a GoPro Fusion 360 into space over Great Britain. This horizon-locked timelapse allows you to experience flying to the edge of space in a completely novel way.

The Endangered Starry Sky – 360 Degree Video

As the glow of light pollution from cities and towns endangers our view of the night sky, CNN allows us to gaze up at the stars from Zion National Park in southern Utah. The park is taking steps to become an official "Dark Sky Place" in hopes of preserving its nocturnal vistas.

VR Trailer: One Strange Rock

This stunning 360 degree video - a teaser for One Strange Rock posted by National Geographic - lets you fly side-by-side with astronauts in the first 3D virtual reality film shot in space. Now you can experience weightlessness while hurtling around the globe at 17 thousand miles per hour. This stunning view of our home just might change how you think about Earth.

Hanoi’s Paranormal Portal

A monk once told Hoang Nam that he was destined to communicate with the dead. He’s been searching for a paranormal portal ever since.

Mars Had an Ocean 4 Billion Years Ago

In this 360 VR 4K video documentary posted by VR 360 TV, we learn that Mars had an ocean 4 billion years ago as we explore the ancient past of a water planet Mars.

Take a Virtual Reality Tour of Six Real Exoplanets

What would it be like to stand on the surface of another planet? We The Curious teamed up with a group of astrophysicists to create a scientifically accurate, virtual reality tour of six exoplanets discovered outside our solar system.

What Happens Inside Your Body?

Have you ever wondered how little we know about our bodies? With this CG-animated 360 degree video from BRIGHT SIDE, we see that the human body is an amazing and unique machine that triggers thousands of processes every second.

Witness the Day the Asteroid Struck in Virtual Reality

Witness the extraordinary journey of the meteor that caused the largest asteroid impact in recorded history posted by Science Channel. Ride with the asteroid as it barrels towards Earth, become part of its devastating impact as it breaches the planet’s atmosphere, and watch it explode over Siberia. With breath-taking visuals this VR experience portrays the power of the universe like never before by recreating the Tunguska event.