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Alice Marie Johnson: Courage to Question

After 21 years in confinement, Alice Marie Johnson fights for awareness for those left behind. Posted by UN Women, the Courage to Question series takes you up close and personal with women’s rights activists across the globe as they fight for a world where women and girls can live free and equal.

Aerospace Engineer Tiera Fletcher’s career in 360 Degree Episode 3

In the virtual reality series "The Female Planet," watch the story of Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer working with NASA to design the rocket to launch humankind to the moon and on to Mars. Get a 360 degree look into Tiera's career, her groundbreaking work, and how she's leading the "Mars generation." Posted by Google. 360-degree videos let you look around your environment, so pay attention to what’s sneaking up behind you. In a web browser you can simply click and drag the video around. On a mobile phone you can look around by moving your phone. In a VR visor, just turn your head. With the visor, sometimes it’s best if you have a swivel chair and a few feet of clearance in the real world. As always, if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, take off the visor and take a break.