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Former Marines Training Pro Gamers (CNN)

CNN reporters Ben Church, Patrick Sung and Colin Wallace recently reported on how former U.S. Marines are now training teams for competitive eSports games like “Call of Duty,” helping players improve their skills on the virtual battlefield, focusing on factors like leadership, conflict management and communication.

Video Didn’t Kill The Radio Star

So here we are at the dawn of virtual reality. While there are thousands of really intense VR video games already on the market, personally, I believe VR, (as well as it cousins AR and MR) have a vast potential to impact our lives. Looking at it as just a new gaming platform barely scratches the surface. It’s not going to kill the internet, TV or radio, but there’s still an endless realm to explore while we figure out how best to use this new medium.

Look What an Online Community Can Do

In this TED Talk, composer Eric Whitacre explains the creative challenges of conducting virtual choirs of thousands of people spread around the world to create his enchanting choral compositions. Whitacre uses YouTube to conduct singers from all walks of life and then pieces together all of their individual tracks into some truly breathtaking compositions.

Beyond Earth: A VR Experience

Fifty years after the first moon landing, CNNVR takes you on an animated journey across time and space to explore what's next for humans in space. From space tourism to Martian colonies, these are tomorrow's moonshots.

I Watched the NBA Playoffs in VR, And It’s Going To Change How You Watch Sports (Fast Company)

Fast Company staff editor Jeff Beer takes us inside the Intel Sports’ VR broadcasting headquarters during the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks. Inside this nondescript trailer parked outside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the NBA, TNT and Intel are trying to create the sports fan experience of the future.