If Video Killed the Radio Star, what will VR do?

YAO – Unraveled

The Berklee College of Music posted this immersive 360 degree audio and visual experience called Unraveled from alumni, Yao. In Unraveled the listener finds themselves at the center of all elements, being surrounded by choir, strings, synths and imagery. Where you turn your head, sound from that direction will be emphasized and filtered. For the full immersive experience, wear headphones.

Icarus 666 – 360 Degree Music Video

Google AR & VR posted this 360 degree music video. Described as a as a heavy metal Space Mountain VR ride with a metal symphony driving your spaceship, the brightly-colored and intense Icarus 666 samples a track from Brendon Small’s album, “Galaktikon II: Become the Storm.” Small is the mastermind behind the metal band DETHKLOK and the DETHALBUMS. Animator and director Dylan Carter directed the video.

Night Club- Show it 2 Me

With art created in Google's Tilt Brush, Titmouse president and owner Chris Prynoski and VP and creative director, Antonio Canobbio take you on a ride through a retro-futuristic landscape, with demons, space cars, crazy head things and disembodied tongue-mouths. This 360 degree music video, featuring Night Club's single, "Show It 2 Me" was posted by Google AR & VR.

Michael Jackson – This Is It 3D Extras

Before he died in 2009, Michael Jackson was working on this 3D SBS video that was meant to be projected on a giant LCD screen as an intro to his live performance on the This Is It tour.