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Pixel Reef Reveals Sandbox Mode for VR Game Paper Beast

French studio Pixel Reef revealed the sandbox mode for its upcoming PlayStation VR game “Paper Beast.” An entirely stand-alone game mode, Sandbox allows players...

Space Channel 5 Returns this Month with a Kinda Funky News Flash!

Grounding Inc. announced that it will release “Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!” for PlayStation VR (PSVR), Feb. 25 in the Americas, and Feb. 26 in the rest of the world.

Escape Point Launches on Oculus

Korean game developer oneIMMERS released its latest VR game “Escape Point” on the Oculus Store available for free. “Escape Point” is set in a prison overrun by zombies. Players have to escape from the prison while accomplishing sub-missions given to each player. The sub-missions could mean cooperation or betrayal.

PowerBeatsVR Update Lets You Work Out to Your Own Beat

German independent game studio Five Mind Creations released a new update for its rhythm-based VR fitness game “PowerBeatsVR” that lets players choose between official songs with leaderboards or their own music library for which the game auto-generates suitable workouts at three difficulty levels.

DREAMO VR Coming to Steam Feb. 20

Carbon Studio and Hypnotic Ants Studio will release DREAMO VR for Steam VR, Feb. 20. DREAMO VR is a story-driven adventure puzzle game, where the player explores strange landscapes and solves interactive cube riddles to progress. Featuring fully voiced narration, the plot revolves around symbolism, morality and the consequences of life choices.

Music Escape Contest Seeks Top VR Ninjas

“Music Escape”, a rhythm-combat game with ninjas, cyberpunk weapons and suicidal exploding robots, has launched a contest to find the top VR Ninjas worldwide. “Music Escape” is 2049VR’s second title and is currently available on Steam.

Old Mine Update for Arizona Sunshine Released for Quest

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive released the free Old Mine update for “Arizona Sunshine” on Oculus Quest, adding a new horde mode map set in the dark depths of the Old Dutchman Mine to the untethered VR zombie apocalypse.

Straylight Coming to Steam Early Access

Cleveland-based indie game developer Dr. Bloc announced that the award-winning virtual reality (VR) game, “Straylight,” will be available on Steam Early Access, Feb. 3.

Taurus VR Now Available on Early Access

Nusakan Studio and Perp Games announced that “Taurus VR” is now available on Steam Early Access for $11.99. The final release of “Taurus VR” is expected Summer 2020 on the Steam and Oculus Stores and will be compatible with all major PC headsets.

Orion13 Coming to Oculus and Steam in February

Boston-based Metro VR Studios (MVRS) unveiled a trailer for its inaugural game “Orion13,” a first-person, hack-and-slash VR adventure. Marking the first installment of an action-packed trilogy, Orion13 will be available for download on Feb. 13, through the Oculus and Steam stores.

Taurus VR Demo Now Available on Steam

Nusakan Studio and Perp Games released a demo of their upcoming arcade-style space shooting VR game “Taurus VR” ahead of an Early Access launch in 2020. “Taurus VR” pits you against an ever-present alien threat, requiring the player to use full-body movement to steer the ship and arm gestures to control the attack and defensive mechanisms.