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Boiling Steel Coming to Early Access Dec 5

MiroWin Studio, the publisher behind the popular VR game “Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR,” announced that its latest VR FPS game “Boiling Steel” will launch on Steam Early Access for Oculus and VivePort, Dec. 5, selling for $19.99.

In development since early 2018, “Boiling Steel” was made for gamers who love fast-paced action wrapped in a complex and story-rich setting. Beautiful graphics, smooth controls and a bot-killing arsenal of upgradable construction tools provides a truly unique experience.

“Boiling Steel” is set in the far future on a colonized planet designed to be a bastion of scientific research and development. Free of bureaucratic, religious and legal restrictions, technology advanced in leaps and bounds.

With the ability to transfer the consciousness of a human into a robotic shell, hazardous work in mines and factories can be completed with no danger to the workers. You’ve been hired by the Engineering Corps. with access to various pieces of construction equipment.

But when radical fanatics with unknown motives launched a virus into the system, it’s up to you to get to the bottom of this. Empty shells are running rampant, controlled by the virus, murdering anyone they find.

Who is behind the virus attack and why? Why haven’t the military arrived to rescue the colonists? Grab a power tool and turn off the safety, because it’s time to melt some metal.

Players have a variety of tools to work with, each with unique playstyles, upgrades and handling, but they’re rewarded for sticking with a favorite – the more you use a tool, the more powerful it becomes.

Through more than 40 combat missions, players explore cloud-city complexes, frozen structures and sandy mining platforms, while using their smarts, quick reflexes and puzzle-solving ability to overcome planetary security systems, such as automated turrets, minefields and energy barriers.

For more information, visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/1016860/Boiling_Steel/.

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