About Us

VR Nation is an online community of virtual reality enthusiasts who want to share their favorite virtual experiences and explore the potential of this exciting new medium.

In addition to daily news headlines, we have scoured the web to offer 24 channels of 360-degree and 3D content curated by genre, as well as a VR guide for upcoming live events. In addition, our Flatlanders section includes helpful how-to tutorials and reviews, as well as gameplay teasers and unboxing videos.

Members of the community can post on the forums, comment on posts, suggest videos and playlists or share their own VR experiences and 360-degree panoramas. They can also build their own social profile and connect with friends. We also offer a weekly email digest of all the new content on the site.

Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions and even complaints. We’d also love to hear from PR and marketing professionals. Consider this your permission to send us relevant press releases and marketing materials, but please, stay on topic!

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Scott Lehane, Founder

Scott is a veteran journalist with 29 years of experience covering the film and TV industries as well as other high-tech sectors. Over the years, he has written thousands of articles for dozens of publications around the world.

Connect with Scott, (a.k.a The Great Gazoo) on VR Nation.

Email Scott at scott.lehane@vrnation.tv

Erik Schrobilgen, Advertising and Marketing Director

Erik is an old-school veteran animator from the days of cel animation. His credits include such classics as Magic School Bus, Barney & Friends and other animated educational series from Hanna-Barbera. Having run a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures over the years, he brings an acute business acumen to the team.

Connect with Erik on VR Nation.

Email Erik at erik.schrobilgen@vrnation.tv

Monique Craig, Social Media Coordinator

Monique is a media guru who has overseen a number of social campaigns for community interest groups and bricks-and-mortar retail outlets. She will take the lead on all-things social for VR Nation. She also has a particular interest in the therapeutic use of VR in medical and alternative applications.

Connect with Monique (a.k.a Mobiwankenobi) on VR Nation.

Email Monique at vrmoniquecraig@gmail.com

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jennifer Wolfe for her tremendous help developing the concept of VR Nation.

A huge thanks to the folks at WP Google Maps for offering up some custom code to make our VR Hotspots section work.

Also thanks to Mary Lehane for her unwavering support.